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Get To Know The Phillipine Sports Stadium, One Of The Places Indonesia Fight

Philippines increasingly prepare themselves as one of the host of the 2016 AFF Cup.Had planned to resign as early as 2016 host earlier due to unpreparedness venue, the Philippines started first settled and set up one of the stadium other than Jose Rizal Memorial Stadium as the venue for the 2016 AFF Cup. The name of the stadium that is the Phillipine Sports Stadium.

In February 2016 and then, the Philippines has had plans to step down as the host of the 2016 AFF Cup after they did not find agreement with the Phillipine Sports Stadium about permission to use the stadium. But a month later, in March 1999, they finally managed to get permission from the Phillipine Manager Sports Stadium to usethe stadium as the main venue AFF Cup 2016.

Jose Rizal Memorial Stadium, which was never discussed before and has also long been the home of the Philippine national team, remains in use. However, because the capacity of only 15,000 people, the stadium was used only in one match, i.e. at the time of the last round of Group A matches between Indonesia and Singapore.

Because this stadium will be used as the national team to compete, it's good to know we are closer to the stadium which was located in the province of Bulacan, Philippines.

About Phillipine Sports Stadium and its history

Get To Know The Phillipine Sports Stadium, One Of The Places Indonesia Fight

Phillipine Sports Stadium is a football stadium built in the area of Ciudad deVictoria, an area which lies between the town of Bocaue and Santa Maria. The region of Ciudad de Victoria itself is an area of 140 hectares that was originally made with gardens, before it was changed by the Government of the Philippines into a sports complex in 2011.

The construction of the stadium and sports complex in Ciudad de Victoria was initiated by Eduardo Manalo, executive minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, a Christian religious group in the Philippines who became owner of the Phillipine Sports Stadium. Since 2011, construction of the stadium was encouraged, so that within three years the stadium was already standing, complete with the Phillipine Arena (the largest sportsarena in Asia and the world) as well as the Phillipine Sports Center, which is locatedaround the stadium.

The stadium was officially opened by the President of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III, along with Eduardo Manalo on July 2014. The operators of the stadium now is the Maligaya Development Corporation, so arguably if this stadium belongs to theprivate sector and does not belong to the local government.

After it opened in 2014, the new stadium was used for competitive matches on April 15, 2015. When it's Filipino Club, Globalentertaining clubs origin of Myanmar, the Yadanarbon in advanced group stage of the AFC Cup 2015. The match ended with the score 4-1 for the Global victory, with Mark Hartmann became the first player to score a goal at the stadium and Yan Paing as a player outside the Philippines that scored the first goal at the stadium.

For an international event, the stadium was used the first time by the national team in the Philippines when The Azkals entertains Bahrain in the second round World Cup qualifying Asian zone 2018. The Philippines managed to win 2-1 in the match through goals scored by Misagh Bahadoran and Javier Patino.

Until now it is still often used. The last time a football match held at the stadium was when the Philippines entertain Uzbekistan in the second round of the World Cup qualifying Asian zone 2018. The Azkals defeated by Uzbekistan with a score of 1-5.

Offering A New Watch Football

When compared to the Rizal Memorial Stadium which is still fairly simple, althoughrestored, Phillipine Sports Stadium offers more luxury. In addition to more seats (the number reaches 25,000), many other things offered by the stadium than Rizal Memorial Stadium.

Electric scoreboard in the second corner of the goalpost, the stadium lights brighter, cleaner toilets and modern, as well as a folding chair per person is something that makes the experience of watching in the stadium is a new thing for the people of the Philippines are accustomed to the simplicity of the Rizal Memorial.

In fact, the coach of the Philippines, Thomas Dooley, admitted that he and his teamare comfortable playing in the stadium.

"Really beautiful Stadium. I liked it a lot. Supporting voice sounds more echoing because seating the audience more. I like this stadium. I can't imagine if the stadium was filled to capacity by the audience, "he said to Interaksyon.

At least, not only for the supporters of the Philippines, the team who would be opposed to the Philippines in Group A will be sated by the completeness of the stadiumhas also been used for concerts of music welcomes the beginning of 2015.

How do I get to the Phillipine Sports Stadium?

Get To Know The Phillipine Sports Stadium, One Of The Places Indonesia Fight

In Bocaue environment there is no lodging place. So for those of you who intend to come to the Stadium on the AFF Cup 2016 should stay in the Manila area. But calm,the distance from the Phillipine Sports Stadium to Manila not far, just about 24 kilometers. Many of the transportation that you can use to to get there. If you have your own vehicle (you can rent in Manila), you can follow the route of the R-8 (toll road)heading to Bocaue, to then get to the Phillipine Sports Stadium.

If you use public transport, you can take a bus or jeepney which leads to Bocaue. Ask the driver to get off at the area of Turo. From Turo, you can ride a trike (bemo), and then bilanglah to the driver to get off at the Phillipine Arena. And when you're in the Phillipine Sports Stadium as they are not too far away.
For the cost, don't worry. Price of 1 Philippine peso (peso is the currency of the Philippines) is equivalent to 300 rupiah in Indonesia. If you can visit sights such as the Church of Saint Martin, or shop Bocaue Public Market to fill the gap in time when Indonesia did not compete.

National team support and congratulations go to Phillipine Sports Stadium!

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