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Mourinho Consider To Man United's Success Over Arsenal Game Broken

Liverpool just played a goalless draw against Southamton, in Premier League matches at St. Mary's Stadium, Saturday (19/11/1999). In fact, throughout the 90 minutes, Liverpool appeared to dominate.

Based on the statistics of the Premier League, Liverpool recorded a superior mastery of the ball to 64.5 percent and had three successful, 663 berbandung 371 belonged to Southampton.

However, the statistics do not facilitate the step advantage Liverpool. JuergenKlopp's forces seem hard-pressed to print numbers due to poor finishing.

In the first half, Liverpool showing beautiful game with bait one-two touch. The strategy was pretty troublesome ranks behind lines of Southampton.

Mourinho Consider To Man United's Success Over Arsenal Game Broken

Liverpool's chances came in the 28th minute through Sadio Mane. Senegal midfielder was barely breaking into his club's former goalkeeper after receiving the measured Georginio Wijnaldum bait.

However, Spurn Mane towards the mast far still can be anticipated with a hit by Southampton goalkeeper, Fraser Forster.

After those odds, Mane continues to threaten the defence of Southampton. However, its efforts could be dammed Virgil van Dijk et al.

Meanwhile, the Liverpool star, Philippe Coutinho, apiknya performance has not shown up to complete the first round.

Entering the second half, the domination of the match still gripped Liverpool. Southampton seemed to compensate for the difficulty of the game Coutinho et al.

Even so, The Reds haven't been able to change the position of the action. Again, some opportunities are not termaksimalkan properly.

For example on 66 minutes, when Roberto Firmino already dealing one-on-one withForster in the penalty box. Brazil midfielder failed mengonversikannya become goals.

For the sake of adding power gedor, Klopp ever replace Emre Can with Daniel Sturridge on 78 minutes. United Kingdom national team striker's presence was expected to be deadlock-breaking Liverpool.

However, the strategy was apparently still not been fruitful for Liverpool. Until the match is over, a goal never arrived.

With this result, Liverpool still tops the Premier League standings with 27 points. They are just superior goal difference from Manchester City in second place.

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However, if Chelsea can conquer Middlesbrough at home games, on Sunday (20/2/2016),peak position would surely taken over The Blues.

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, praised the children's games asuhnya although ultimately only play 1-1 draw with Arsenal in the Premier League continued in a match Stadium Old Trafford, Saturday (19/11/1999).

Mourinho Consider To Man United's Success Over Arsenal Game Broken

In front of their own public, Man United are capable of winning first thanks to Juan Mata goal on 68 minutes.

Flat-Ander Hererra bait starts to box, Arsenal, Juan Mata welcomes his hard shot that lodged in the left corner of the goal.

However, the primacy of Sepatu Bola Wayne Rooney and his friends dispersed about a minute ahead of game over. Olivier Giroud is a successful record of his name on the scoreboard.

The France origin bomber heading the ball of bait released Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Goals that are capable of forcing Giroud Red Devils 1-draw.

If you see this result is indeed not too satisfying to supporters of Man United. But inthe game, the Red Devils appeared better. It is visible from the home team put a damper on the ability of the attack Arsenal.

The statistics refer to the Premier League, Arsenal is only able to release a shot right into the net from 5 experiment. Only the shots that led to goals for The Gunners.

While Man United stormed the Arsenal goal with 12 shots that 5 shots of which were right on target.

"We're the best team so far. They have no chance of winning the game. They can't show the game as usual. We perform are phenomenal, "said Mourinho.

"Our way of suppressing and controlling their counteroffensive. Then we perform very comfortable while mastering the ball. We scored a fantastic and we had opportunities to win the match, "said Mourinho again.

Mourinho Consider To Man United's Success Over Arsenal Game Broken

Origin of the Portugal Manager assess his team not shaded luck so failed to achievevictory.

"They were lucky and we were one of the lucky No. The team played very well. At this time, the team was one of the teams who are not lucky in the Premier League. That such assessment, "said Mourinho.

In that occasion, commented Mourinho reserved the decision of referee Andre Mariner who did not give a penalty to the team at 34 minutes. At that time, Defender Antonio Valencia collided with striker, Nacho Monreal, inside the penalty box.

Reruns show if the original Defender hand Spain was seen blocking the fleeing Valencia. However, the referee was unmoved and not pointing to the white point.

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