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Without This, the Indonesia Team Representative Team Participants AFF Futsal Club 2015

Futsal Super League ahead of 2016, Vamos Calrsberg continues to strengthen his team with several players acquired later.

Previously rumored origin of futsal team, the Middle target Mataram Uta Ramadhyan (Pinky Boys), Andri Kustiawan (FC Libido) and Reza Yamani (Pinky Boys). Three players that became the main target of the target to join the squad's Bonsu Hasibuan.

Later, Vamos exercise looked different. Especially when the concentration of live exercises alias training center (TC) on Friday (27/11), at the Quenn Futsal, Bandung. In the TC it looks there are new players that come into practice.
Without This, the Indonesia Team Representative Team Participants AFF Futsal Club 2015

Most likely, the player in question is, Uta. However, the management has still not confirmed whether players who also defended the ABFII scandal Perbanas was officially in contract by Vamos or not.

"Finish Training today, Friday blessing. Find something, "wrote the official account through Vamos, instagramnya.

FIFA sanctions affected the result, Indonesia is supposed to host the AFF Futsal Championship Championships for 2015, to be replaced by Thailand.

Based on the meeting of the Asean Football Federation (AFF) on 15 June, Thailand officially designated as host the AFF Sepatu Futsal Championship.

Now, the competition is being rolling starting from 23 November to 30 November, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Futsal Association of Falkirk (AFK) initiative to develop and improve the quality of futsal in his area. To that end, AFK AFK Praliga deploying on 20 December next in Sports Hall Adiarsa, Karawang..

Without This, the Indonesia Team Representative Team Participants AFF Futsal Club 2015

"We want to facilitate futsal teams at Falkirk before leading to a professional. So, our title of a competition before the League that is Praliga, "said Andriansyah, Field Coaching AFK at once APT Coaches Squad, Wednesday (25/11).

The Championship that followed only 10 teams originator formation AFK, will take place with the regulation system of half the competition. The teams will be divided into 2 groups and competing to advance to the final four in early January.

These teams include Loreng Futsal, Futsal, APT Setiaputra Karachi, Friday Futsal, Cihuni United, IPP Futsal, Futsal, Alvin Misk Futsal, Futsal ICI Karawang, Karawang and the Eagle Buana. They are ready to field report title in the biggest competition for the first time in Karawang that.

Jakarta team successfully shifting East Java from the top of the qualifying standingsNational Sports week Cabor Futsal Group IX.

In the third matchday, Tuesday (24/11), East Java had to swallow defeat Prime thanhost South Kalimantan with the score 3-1. Whereas, DKI was detained by Banten draw 2-2.

Although the series ends, the team's Revelation Kocoy became pemuncak standingswhile Group XI with nicks 7 points.

In the time span of one week, origin of futsal Team Mataram, Vamos Carlsberg will do election captain. Currently, there are at least five candidates.

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Without This, the Indonesia Team Representative Team Participants AFF Futsal Club 2015

Five candidates were among others, Andriansyah Agustin, Syahidansyah Lubis, Dartheritage Reza, Damas Kurniawan and Nur Ali.

The elections will involve the players and the management team.

Vamos also open input and advice for his supporters, such as Semeton Vamos to enliven the selection five candidates deserves as captain.

According to you guys, who is worthy to be the new captain of the Vamos?

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