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Players Participating Bekasi ' Trial ' In The Black Steel Manokwari

Black Steel Manokwari entered the stage of selection and concentration exercises running in Sawangan, Depok, starting Wednesday (9/2/2016).
Of the 14 players that follow this practice, tucked a new name origin of Bekasi. He is the player TAPS Suarso Agus Tirta Bhagasasi and Adel Futsal Bekasi. Agus became one of the names that are projected to strengthen Black Steel.
"This new trial Agus also in Black Steel. Just him alone thunderous Bekasi, "said Sayan Karmadi, coach Black Steel Manokwari.
Agus was chosen because it has the ability to play at more than one position. The main position Agus is the Anchor.
Vamos Mataram targeting pro champion in Futsal League (PFL) 2017 after only being a runner-up in the PFL
Vamos has been bringing in new coaches, Deny Handoyo. In addition, they successfully defend last season's Star squad to back competing in 2017. More fabulous again they managed to bring the national futsal team players ranks Indonesia to strengthen them.

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Players Participating Bekasi ' Trial ' In The Black Steel Manokwari

The following squads while Vamos Mataram.

Bali will host the League of Futsal Nusantara 2016 Group H round of 16 categories.

The match will be held at Meazza Futsal, Denpasar, Bali on 11-13 November. Group H will be followed by 4 teams of representatives from Bali, Yogyakarta, Central Java, and West Papua.

Group H winner will qualify for the national round of the 2016 LFN daughter who will take place in Jakarta on Jan. His own daughter for the 2016 LFN 2 ticket promotion to Women Pro Futsal League (WPFL) 2017.

Runner-up Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2016, Vamos Mataram have gathered in Bandung, West Java to do the preparation to compete in PFL 2017.

Players Participating Bekasi ' Trial ' In The Black Steel Manokwari

Vamos will do the centrality of practice (TC) in Bandung until the League starts. Vamos will practice on Queen Futsal Arena since Tuesday (8/11) yesterday.

"We've been in Bandung and will practice until the League starts later," says Cory Handoyo as coach Vamos to Bolalob.

Vamos itself became one of the favorite champions in PFL 2017 after bringing the ranks of Indonesia's national futsal team players completes the lineup of formidable players who have joined since the last season.
Former national team players will host Japan futsal coaching clinic in Mataram FC NTB as a form of cooperation with the team of Japan Bardral Urayasu.

Kansuke Takahashi is Japan futsal national team player and now Bardral also served as technical director of Bardral. Coaching clinic will be held on November 10-14, 2016 in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

Rev. Triyanto or usual saluted COach Bewe also impatient with Japan coach kedarangan. He was sure if there will be a new science for himself and also Mataram retainer FC as their preparation before participating in a Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.

"I'm very thrilled, because certainly we can new science Yes. Japan is also one of the powerful countries in Asia, "says Coach Bewe as quoted from vamosfutsal.

Players Participating Bekasi ' Trial ' In The Black Steel Manokwari

"I hope we can be the new science, I personally can better know how to train a more modern and the kids got a new science in play and improve your skill," pungkasnya.

Coacing clinic itself is a continuation of one of the implementation of the cooperation that has been created between Bardral FC and Mataram. Coaching clinic is expected to be able to add science to the retainer Mataram FC to compete in the Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.
Futsal team of the origin of the City Metro, Lampung, Giga FC who compete in a Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017 after acquiring Bie The Great Bekasi (BTG) will conduct an open selection.

However, this selection only take precedence for the player who comes from the City Metro, Lampung. The selection will be held on November 13, tomorrow in Metro City. The selection itself was held to provide an opportunity for the players of futsal Metro City to compete in PFL 2017 as the highest caste futsal competitions in Indonesia.

Ajib! Captain Black Steel Will Be Umbro Ambassador

Captain Black Steel Manokwari will be ambassador apparel Umbro in Indonesia.

Echona Tuahuns had approached representatives of Umbro in Indonesia. No joke, Echona will be wearing shoes that are also dikenalan by Dewa Falcao Futsal while playing at the Futsal World Cup. If the da had transverse aral and a match then the Echona will officially became ambassador

The presence of Umbro's own increasingly glorify apparel overseas in world futsal Indonesia. Of course, the achievement of shared Echona Black Steel in a Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2016 by menajadi champion became one of the reasons these players worthy of being ambasaor Umbro in Indonesia.
Argentina does not just have a Mario Deflated, Diego Maradona or Lionel Messi, but also have top freestyler like Carlos Alberto Iacono.

In the World Championships The Red Bull Street Style, Tuesday (8/11) evening in London, featuring a new style of Alberto views the thousands of spectators and millions of television viewers worldwide.

Ajib! Captain Black Steel Will Be Umbro Ambassador

He was declared victorious in the finals defeating Japan freestyler Kosuke Takahashi in the race that lasted three minutes.

A unique, one of the Manchester United Club legend, Gary Neville was appointed one of the five referees on duty.
Senior players Bie The Great Bekasi (BTG) officially join FC Giga City Metro to compete in Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.

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Rahmat Widyanto can play any place, starting from the flank and pivot the 2016 season scintillating indeed that almost bring BTG qualified for the final four. Now, after being acquired by BTG Giga FC, grace will defend the team origin City Metro, this Float in the PFL 2017.

Grace himself has experienced playing in the pro League, earlier defended the Brilyan Sport of Makassar and expected his experience can help the young players on the Giga FC compete in PFL 2017.
Captain Bie The Great Bekasi (BTG) officially docked to Giga City Metro FC to play in a Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.

Giga FC who acquires BTG directly act quickly with contracted players, including former retainer BTG. We have agreed to sign the contract along with Giga FC.

Worth anticipated how player performance also shines with the team futsal POUND West Java with Giga FC. Raka himself dubbed The Robot because it has the stamina and the bait is accurate as it has been programmed like robots.
Defending champion Pro Futsal League (PFL), Black STeel Manokwari has started back training to defend his title in the PFL 2017.

Black Steel that is still ditangni by Sayan Karmadi as coach has started pemsautan altihan (TC) in the Midshipman Futsal independent, Sawangan. Centralizing this exercise also served as the material selection for the team coach to determine player to PFL 2017.

Defending champion Sebahai of course challenge the Black Steel gets bigger. What's Black Steel incorporated in the eastern region that contains powerful teams, such as Mataram, Vamos Electric PLN Jakarta, Bandung, BJL Libido FC 2000 Cosmo Semarang, and also the Eastern Star Surabaya (BTS).
Talented young futsal goalkeeping Float origin would seem to be the new weapon for defending champion Pro Futsal League (PFL), Black Steel Manokwari.

Kendra Pradipta which is also the best Futsal League goalie students (Lifuma) 2013 and 2015 is currently doing a joint trial of Black Steel. Himself is expected to be a contender for the Iksan Rahardian to keep the goal of Black Steel.

Ought to be anticipated if this Tax Several players will be part of the team's Black Steel in PFL 2017 or not. Certainly, if officially his presence will add strength to the defending champion.
Black Steel Manokwari undergoing pre-season workouts in Midshipman Futsal Center, Sawangan, Depok began Wednesday (9/2/2016).

As many as 14 players have joined the squad in pre-season. All the players have not been tied to the contract and is still in the trial stage. "All the players including coach signature contract yet," said Sayan Karmadi, coach Black Steel Manokwari.

Of the 14 players tucked some new players like Kendra Pradipta, Agus Suarso, and thunderous Jogja, great Wicaksono.

Black Steel also still menungguk three players left to join into the centrality of practice team.

Giga City Metro FC And Missions Bring Son Area To National Futsal Stage

Giga FC will be the first professional futsal team from Metro City to compete in a Pro Futsal League (PFL).

Giga FC also have a mission to promote futsal Metro City in particular, and Lampung. Giga FC hope would appear a lot of talented players from Metro City to perform to national futsal scene, and who know's it will be there that can defend the national futsal team of Indonesia.

"This is a good minute taken management because it could be the stimulus and the stimulus in the region, particularly the city of Lampung and Metro to motivated and develop themselves," said Yollahendro Sugeni as coach of FC Giga to Bolalob.

"Futsal in Lampung has already started to develop just the surrounding area haven't been too can follow the development. The average player skill is good enough and hopefully with Giga ikutnya FC in the League will further improve the futsal in Lampung in its entirety, especially the City Metro, "he continued.

Giga City Metro FC And Missions Bring Son Area To National Futsal Stage

"The expectation may Giga FC can improve themselves and keep develops can know futsal extensively and could represent the city of Lampung and Metro to the national level,"
Senior players Biangbola officially extend his contract to play in a Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.

Gustian soul last season to become one of the key players qualified for the final four Biangbola PFL 2016 gets contract extension of the Biangbola management. Herself pun will be back to defend the Biangbola to a season in the future.

Gustian will defend Biangbola for the third time. Gustian himself is not a new face in Biangbola because Biangbola shared that he felt the atmosphere of the pro League the first time in 2009. Then he moved to Bandung city Futsal (FKB) season 2010 and the IPC to Pelindo II Jakarta on 2011 season until 2015. The 2016 Season and he returned to Biangbola and extended his contract in 2017.
Former goalkeeper Electric PLN Jakarta, Kikin Bayu officially contracted Biangbola.

Kikin which last season defending Electric PLN unexpectedly invaded Biangbola to compete in Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017. Kikin is itself a retainer POUND North Maluku who grabbed the silver at PON 2016.

The merger makes the goalkeeper in the squad for Kikin Biangbola complete after previously joined Muhammad extended his contract and Michael Irman Firmansyah.
Black Steel Manokwari has started the centralization practice (TC) in Sawangan as their preparation for a Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.

Sayan Karmadi as coach of the Black Steel States if they still focus to see the physical condition of the players and also the ability of the individual. Himself also said if players who join the TC is still selected whether will be defending the Black Steel in the League later or not.

Giga City Metro FC And Missions Bring Son Area To National Futsal Stage

"Fitness First and tried to look back at the quality of the players individually as well as kolektivitas so eleksi all over again," says Coach Sayan to the Bolalob.

"There are some who contracted management, but we see if not at maximum we could not impose. The bottom line of our selection is again based on quality, "he said.

"So, there is no expectation that is safe and all the players performed maximally during the TC. TC first to 20 December and January 5 more gatherings, "
Captain Bie The Great Bekasi (BTG), Raka Febianto official uniformed Metro City FC Giga Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.

The player who got the nickname The Robot is declared if the factors of College became one of the reasons jealously persuaded chose Giga FC. In addition, the presence of colleagues at the BTG also strengthen Giga FC to make herself round binding contract with FC Giga City Metro.

"First because with temen-temen in BTG first second because in Jakarta so deket can while also because pay udah 5.0 semester" said Raka to Bolalob.

"The expectation is for sure want ngerasain Open final four because where the heck that players do not want ngerasain Open final four. Hopefully my third year in this League ngerasain Open final four, "pungkasnya.
Giga City FC official Metro contracted with Yollahendro Sugeni as their coach to compete in Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.

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Giga City Metro FC And Missions Bring Son Area To National Futsal Stage

Coach Yolla is itself a former Electric PLN Jakarta and deal with State University of Jakarta (UNJ). Herself also initially became Technical Director for Giga FC before being appointed coach.

"It never work together with the management and I feel comfortable with them. Here also I be given large possibilities in managing the team, "says Yollahendro to Bolalob.

"I myself find its above the paper almost the same opportunities and equitable living how to prepare the team and started the match," said Coach Yolla when asked their competition in the Western region of PFL 2017.

"The Target for the first year would like to be able to perform well and if you can get into the final four. Our own planning TC in Jakarta until the League starts, but we will also be there to Metro City, "

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Bored So Employees, These Players Finally Returned To A Career In Futsal

Hobby and love of something is indeed difficult to be eliminated. It so happens to Emery Daulay, senior futsal player.

Emery, spending most of his time by playing futsal. Old strengthen Electric PLN, eventually choosing Emery and break back into "Normal" life and live a normal job.

"Early work, anyway. Usually the children who will surely marry futsal mikirnya can work Office. So I was looking for material remains, "said Emery. Post joint champion Electric PLN in 2013, Emery chose to work in one of the private bank in Jakarta.

Eventually, boredom resting inside of Emery. Liat aja jealous "originally in social media children at play in the liga futsal. Moreover, at the same time rich I so-so Office work, "wrote

Can't stand leaving loved ones, finally quit willingly Emery comforts of life and return to the arena of futsal. "Weve passion in futsal Yes not long lasting as well. I feel my skills useful in futsal, and able to know many people from futsal, "he said.

Bored So Employees, These Players Finally Returned To A Career In Futsal

The new futsal team Futsal Giga, Lampung, finally willing them to compete in Pro Futsal League 2017. Family ever back it up to go back to the way life is.

"Coincidentally also the petty attempt again. Yes baseball could work if dijalanin Office. If main futsal gini also time with family too much more, "he said.

Returned after a hiatus, Emery hope her energy is still useful to bring Giga FC Lampung in her debut in professional competition.
Vamos Futsal team Mataram almost complete poaching players admits Pro Futsal League next season.

This is after they buy up three players at once on Tuesday (8/12/2016) then IE Iqbal Iskandar, Ardy Suwardy, Dwi and Reza Yamani.

The plan, Vamos Mataram will register 18 players to the PFL 2017. Coach Cory Handoyo said, her will still be looking for one additional player who will fill the mega star's squad.

"Yes I will add one more person. Possibility to backup pivot Andri Kustiawan and Syahidansyah, "Lubis said.

However Deny have yet to find a fitting name to search for one of the last players in the pivot position.
Pro Women champion blessing Futsal League (WPFL) 2016 still feels for retainer Jaya Kencana Angels.

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JK Angels management invites players on holiday to Singapore as their prize. Image Adisti star JK Angels ever admitted so happy can gather again along with his associates and holidays together.

"Iyah, Alhamdulillah uda lama ga ngumpul the same children. Suddenly the streets with more seneng banget. This bonus before final action djanjiin (WPFL 2016), in front of the hotel before leaving for Bu Hajah janjiin would refer to Bali or Siangpura. Finally, to Singapore, "said the image to Bolalob.

Bored So Employees, These Players Finally Returned To A Career In Futsal

"A Total of 11, initially 8. 3 people nyusul. There are also new from Jogja, so his passport so nyusul hose 1 day. There are 2 players who again asked for helped create Linus in Bali would ga bsa participated, "he continued.

"It felt really happy, we after the Myanmar AFF it's really rather long vacuum almost 3 months. Suddenly contacted management make holidays in Singapore, but the special JK kids because this is indeed a bonus dijanjiin klo League champions not AFF. "

"Aja Seneng finally atmosphere togethers can kerasa more. Although not competing, but the streets remained the same excitement even more tired than sparring about having to walk on. The best banget emang udah Manager Rich Dad the same mom myself, "
Stylish performance of the retainer Futsal Pro Biangbola League (PFL) 2016 make most players extended his contract to compete in PFL 2017.

Biangbola any official extending the contracts of five players, namely Firmansyah, Kiki Sidiq, Hanif Pambudi, Aliefian Iqbal, and Slane Nur Rashid for a season. Her performance is so charmingly last season by bringing Biangbola qualified for the final four PFL 2017.

Fifth course is expected to be able to bring back Biangbola to the final four and reach higher targets be champion PFL 2017. Worth a second season of their gait anticipated along this Biangbola.
Mataram Vamos target to become a champion Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017 is not playing, unmitigated they'd reinforced national futsal team player 8 Indonesia in PFL 2017 later.

After having previously been Muhammad Nazil full moon, Bambang Bayu Saptaji, Syahidansyah Lubis, Andri Kustiawan, and Sunny Rizki. Now they get an extra 3 futsal national team player, Reza Yamani, Muhammad Iqbal, Iskandar and Ardy Dwi Suwardy. Indonesia's national futsal players gathering makes netizen favoring the Vamos grabbed the title.

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Sampdoria, Napoli Failed Against Yourself

What factors most influence on failure of Naples holds a team to 2015/16? As the wise man, the main enemy is precisely the Partenopei I yourself.

Author: Sem Bagaskara

Gonzalo Dismisses cs still often nervous when mentas at party.

The defeat 0-1 at home to Roma on the weekend to 35-, which ensure the scudettotitle fell into the hands of Juventus, is not the only example.

The crisis of confidence I actually already begun Partenopei since they directly face to face with Juventus on Sunday, February 25in a Stadium.

Sampdoria, Napoli Failed Against Yourself

Foster care Maurizio Sarri, who pocketed the primacy of the two numbers above Juventus in the standings before the match, eventually must be willing to disalip the subject due to the rival 0-1.

Since losing to Juventus, moral Dismisses dkk directly dwindled. In the 10 followingparty, they just pack the 17 figures, the fruit of five victories, two draw, and three defeats.

If 2015/16 Serie A starts since the 26th week, Naples will only reached the top five standings.

Tumbles in the crucial party isn't a new experience for the Club belongs to Aurelio De Laurentis.

On the last weekend of the season 2014/15, I must answer Partenopei tickets to the UEFA Champions League participation taken over Lazio. Napoli lost 2-4 from Lazio in San Paolo.

Spurn the towering Dismisses penalty towards the space needed for render level Twitter Naples at that time.

If you still want to dream of reaching for the scudetto next season in Serie A, edition of 2016/17, I should start learning Partenopei conquer yourself.

Haka dance attractions a varied team of New Zealand rugby shown Milan ahead of the duel against Carpi on weekends to-34 Serie A 2015/16 more worth mentioning as a suicide instead of a clever promotion measures.

Author: Sem Bagaskara

Sampdoria, Napoli Failed Against Yourself

A number of actors dressed to resemble players of Milan and moving compact dancing haka, a sacred rituals are performed by Maori tribes before plunging into battle.

Dance haka and then always staged New Zealand rugby team ahead of the match. There's nothing wrong with the haka.

However, Milan's much scorned by a fan and connoisseur of sports because it displays the haka as a plugin from the marketing strategy of a cosmetic products that become their partners.

"Men, this is your ritual." The slogans are springing up across the Board sponsors the San Siro Stadium along with the attractions of the haka.

Inasmuch as only serving the interests of the sponsors for the haka, Milan as not really absorbing the meaning of the dance. I the Rossoneri instead twice got embarrassed.

After being a fan of burlesque material in social media because it displays the haka, Milan only draw 0-0 with Carpi.

Four days later, I the Rossoneri lost 1-2 at home to Serie A standings base residents:Hellas Verona.

Tracing performance above green grass Marc'Antonio Bentegodi, the audience as created confused matter of who exactly the team who were in the relegation zone, Verona or Milan?

Sampdoria, Napoli Failed Against Yourself

"Such Light vanished and after that we were in trouble. We have to be better in situations of this kind and continues to be the one in trouble, "said coach Sepatu Futsal Specs Milan, Cristian Brocchi, after the duel cons Verona.

"We are not able to control the game and could not play as a team," she continued.

Brocchi replacing Sinisa Mihajlovic in the Chair's position coach in three party-appointed Milan in Serie A proved unable to bring the change means.

The Rossoneri I still melakoni "the ritual", i.e.the length of their slip against the team semenjana.

After reaping a 1-0 victory over Sampdoria in a match debut, Brocchi made inflamed due to a pair of results of minor cons Carpi and Verona.

Milan's Brocchi is still the difficulty of controlling the game and created chances.

The issue became more complicated because the attackers failed to maximize the chances that just a bit of it.

Carlos Bacca was called sniper by Mihajlovic and foolishness and do not need to make a lot of shots to score, suddenly plunged into decline in performance.

Collection gol Bacca stayed in the number two in the top ten of the last party. Whenthe tap opportunities and goals of the team are a drag, Bacca instead continue "rites" rabona.

Bacca choose kicking technique to complete the rabona opportunities he can counter party in Verona and Sampdoria. The result? Nihil.

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Action cool Bacca useless due to endless changes numbers in the scoreboard.

"If doing the rabona, you must be certain of that," said Mihajlovic who snarled whenBacca perform rabona in counter party Palermo, September of last year.

Accounting is already four times the Bacca do rabona, clash versus Palermo (3-2), Carpi (Coppa Italy; 2-1), Sampdoria (1-0), and Verona (1-2). Of the four, only one trial, which bore a goal in the match against the Carpi.

For the moment, the San Siro public are obviously very hopeful they could not back"ritual" haka version of Milan or rabona failed ala Bacca.