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Giga City Metro FC And Missions Bring Son Area To National Futsal Stage

Giga FC will be the first professional futsal team from Metro City to compete in a Pro Futsal League (PFL).

Giga FC also have a mission to promote futsal Metro City in particular, and Lampung. Giga FC hope would appear a lot of talented players from Metro City to perform to national futsal scene, and who know's it will be there that can defend the national futsal team of Indonesia.

"This is a good minute taken management because it could be the stimulus and the stimulus in the region, particularly the city of Lampung and Metro to motivated and develop themselves," said Yollahendro Sugeni as coach of FC Giga to Bolalob.

"Futsal in Lampung has already started to develop just the surrounding area haven't been too can follow the development. The average player skill is good enough and hopefully with Giga ikutnya FC in the League will further improve the futsal in Lampung in its entirety, especially the City Metro, "he continued.

Giga City Metro FC And Missions Bring Son Area To National Futsal Stage

"The expectation may Giga FC can improve themselves and keep develops can know futsal extensively and could represent the city of Lampung and Metro to the national level,"
Senior players Biangbola officially extend his contract to play in a Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.

Gustian soul last season to become one of the key players qualified for the final four Biangbola PFL 2016 gets contract extension of the Biangbola management. Herself pun will be back to defend the Biangbola to a season in the future.

Gustian will defend Biangbola for the third time. Gustian himself is not a new face in Biangbola because Biangbola shared that he felt the atmosphere of the pro League the first time in 2009. Then he moved to Bandung city Futsal (FKB) season 2010 and the IPC to Pelindo II Jakarta on 2011 season until 2015. The 2016 Season and he returned to Biangbola and extended his contract in 2017.
Former goalkeeper Electric PLN Jakarta, Kikin Bayu officially contracted Biangbola.

Kikin which last season defending Electric PLN unexpectedly invaded Biangbola to compete in Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017. Kikin is itself a retainer POUND North Maluku who grabbed the silver at PON 2016.

The merger makes the goalkeeper in the squad for Kikin Biangbola complete after previously joined Muhammad extended his contract and Michael Irman Firmansyah.
Black Steel Manokwari has started the centralization practice (TC) in Sawangan as their preparation for a Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.

Sayan Karmadi as coach of the Black Steel States if they still focus to see the physical condition of the players and also the ability of the individual. Himself also said if players who join the TC is still selected whether will be defending the Black Steel in the League later or not.

Giga City Metro FC And Missions Bring Son Area To National Futsal Stage

"Fitness First and tried to look back at the quality of the players individually as well as kolektivitas so eleksi all over again," says Coach Sayan to the Bolalob.

"There are some who contracted management, but we see if not at maximum we could not impose. The bottom line of our selection is again based on quality, "he said.

"So, there is no expectation that is safe and all the players performed maximally during the TC. TC first to 20 December and January 5 more gatherings, "
Captain Bie The Great Bekasi (BTG), Raka Febianto official uniformed Metro City FC Giga Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.

The player who got the nickname The Robot is declared if the factors of College became one of the reasons jealously persuaded chose Giga FC. In addition, the presence of colleagues at the BTG also strengthen Giga FC to make herself round binding contract with FC Giga City Metro.

"First because with temen-temen in BTG first second because in Jakarta so deket can while also because pay udah 5.0 semester" said Raka to Bolalob.

"The expectation is for sure want ngerasain Open final four because where the heck that players do not want ngerasain Open final four. Hopefully my third year in this League ngerasain Open final four, "pungkasnya.
Giga City FC official Metro contracted with Yollahendro Sugeni as their coach to compete in Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.

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Giga City Metro FC And Missions Bring Son Area To National Futsal Stage

Coach Yolla is itself a former Electric PLN Jakarta and deal with State University of Jakarta (UNJ). Herself also initially became Technical Director for Giga FC before being appointed coach.

"It never work together with the management and I feel comfortable with them. Here also I be given large possibilities in managing the team, "says Yollahendro to Bolalob.

"I myself find its above the paper almost the same opportunities and equitable living how to prepare the team and started the match," said Coach Yolla when asked their competition in the Western region of PFL 2017.

"The Target for the first year would like to be able to perform well and if you can get into the final four. Our own planning TC in Jakarta until the League starts, but we will also be there to Metro City, "

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