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Bored So Employees, These Players Finally Returned To A Career In Futsal

Hobby and love of something is indeed difficult to be eliminated. It so happens to Emery Daulay, senior futsal player.

Emery, spending most of his time by playing futsal. Old strengthen Electric PLN, eventually choosing Emery and break back into "Normal" life and live a normal job.

"Early work, anyway. Usually the children who will surely marry futsal mikirnya can work Office. So I was looking for material remains, "said Emery. Post joint champion Electric PLN in 2013, Emery chose to work in one of the private bank in Jakarta.

Eventually, boredom resting inside of Emery. Liat aja jealous "originally in social media children at play in the liga futsal. Moreover, at the same time rich I so-so Office work, "wrote

Can't stand leaving loved ones, finally quit willingly Emery comforts of life and return to the arena of futsal. "Weve passion in futsal Yes not long lasting as well. I feel my skills useful in futsal, and able to know many people from futsal, "he said.

Bored So Employees, These Players Finally Returned To A Career In Futsal

The new futsal team Futsal Giga, Lampung, finally willing them to compete in Pro Futsal League 2017. Family ever back it up to go back to the way life is.

"Coincidentally also the petty attempt again. Yes baseball could work if dijalanin Office. If main futsal gini also time with family too much more, "he said.

Returned after a hiatus, Emery hope her energy is still useful to bring Giga FC Lampung in her debut in professional competition.
Vamos Futsal team Mataram almost complete poaching players admits Pro Futsal League next season.

This is after they buy up three players at once on Tuesday (8/12/2016) then IE Iqbal Iskandar, Ardy Suwardy, Dwi and Reza Yamani.

The plan, Vamos Mataram will register 18 players to the PFL 2017. Coach Cory Handoyo said, her will still be looking for one additional player who will fill the mega star's squad.

"Yes I will add one more person. Possibility to backup pivot Andri Kustiawan and Syahidansyah, "Lubis said.

However Deny have yet to find a fitting name to search for one of the last players in the pivot position.
Pro Women champion blessing Futsal League (WPFL) 2016 still feels for retainer Jaya Kencana Angels.

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JK Angels management invites players on holiday to Singapore as their prize. Image Adisti star JK Angels ever admitted so happy can gather again along with his associates and holidays together.

"Iyah, Alhamdulillah uda lama ga ngumpul the same children. Suddenly the streets with more seneng banget. This bonus before final action djanjiin (WPFL 2016), in front of the hotel before leaving for Bu Hajah janjiin would refer to Bali or Siangpura. Finally, to Singapore, "said the image to Bolalob.

Bored So Employees, These Players Finally Returned To A Career In Futsal

"A Total of 11, initially 8. 3 people nyusul. There are also new from Jogja, so his passport so nyusul hose 1 day. There are 2 players who again asked for helped create Linus in Bali would ga bsa participated, "he continued.

"It felt really happy, we after the Myanmar AFF it's really rather long vacuum almost 3 months. Suddenly contacted management make holidays in Singapore, but the special JK kids because this is indeed a bonus dijanjiin klo League champions not AFF. "

"Aja Seneng finally atmosphere togethers can kerasa more. Although not competing, but the streets remained the same excitement even more tired than sparring about having to walk on. The best banget emang udah Manager Rich Dad the same mom myself, "
Stylish performance of the retainer Futsal Pro Biangbola League (PFL) 2016 make most players extended his contract to compete in PFL 2017.

Biangbola any official extending the contracts of five players, namely Firmansyah, Kiki Sidiq, Hanif Pambudi, Aliefian Iqbal, and Slane Nur Rashid for a season. Her performance is so charmingly last season by bringing Biangbola qualified for the final four PFL 2017.

Fifth course is expected to be able to bring back Biangbola to the final four and reach higher targets be champion PFL 2017. Worth a second season of their gait anticipated along this Biangbola.
Mataram Vamos target to become a champion Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017 is not playing, unmitigated they'd reinforced national futsal team player 8 Indonesia in PFL 2017 later.

After having previously been Muhammad Nazil full moon, Bambang Bayu Saptaji, Syahidansyah Lubis, Andri Kustiawan, and Sunny Rizki. Now they get an extra 3 futsal national team player, Reza Yamani, Muhammad Iqbal, Iskandar and Ardy Dwi Suwardy. Indonesia's national futsal players gathering makes netizen favoring the Vamos grabbed the title.

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