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Players Participating Bekasi ' Trial ' In The Black Steel Manokwari

Black Steel Manokwari entered the stage of selection and concentration exercises running in Sawangan, Depok, starting Wednesday (9/2/2016).
Of the 14 players that follow this practice, tucked a new name origin of Bekasi. He is the player TAPS Suarso Agus Tirta Bhagasasi and Adel Futsal Bekasi. Agus became one of the names that are projected to strengthen Black Steel.
"This new trial Agus also in Black Steel. Just him alone thunderous Bekasi, "said Sayan Karmadi, coach Black Steel Manokwari.
Agus was chosen because it has the ability to play at more than one position. The main position Agus is the Anchor.
Vamos Mataram targeting pro champion in Futsal League (PFL) 2017 after only being a runner-up in the PFL
Vamos has been bringing in new coaches, Deny Handoyo. In addition, they successfully defend last season's Star squad to back competing in 2017. More fabulous again they managed to bring the national futsal team players ranks Indonesia to strengthen them.

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Players Participating Bekasi ' Trial ' In The Black Steel Manokwari

The following squads while Vamos Mataram.

Bali will host the League of Futsal Nusantara 2016 Group H round of 16 categories.

The match will be held at Meazza Futsal, Denpasar, Bali on 11-13 November. Group H will be followed by 4 teams of representatives from Bali, Yogyakarta, Central Java, and West Papua.

Group H winner will qualify for the national round of the 2016 LFN daughter who will take place in Jakarta on Jan. His own daughter for the 2016 LFN 2 ticket promotion to Women Pro Futsal League (WPFL) 2017.

Runner-up Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2016, Vamos Mataram have gathered in Bandung, West Java to do the preparation to compete in PFL 2017.

Players Participating Bekasi ' Trial ' In The Black Steel Manokwari

Vamos will do the centrality of practice (TC) in Bandung until the League starts. Vamos will practice on Queen Futsal Arena since Tuesday (8/11) yesterday.

"We've been in Bandung and will practice until the League starts later," says Cory Handoyo as coach Vamos to Bolalob.

Vamos itself became one of the favorite champions in PFL 2017 after bringing the ranks of Indonesia's national futsal team players completes the lineup of formidable players who have joined since the last season.
Former national team players will host Japan futsal coaching clinic in Mataram FC NTB as a form of cooperation with the team of Japan Bardral Urayasu.

Kansuke Takahashi is Japan futsal national team player and now Bardral also served as technical director of Bardral. Coaching clinic will be held on November 10-14, 2016 in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

Rev. Triyanto or usual saluted COach Bewe also impatient with Japan coach kedarangan. He was sure if there will be a new science for himself and also Mataram retainer FC as their preparation before participating in a Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.

"I'm very thrilled, because certainly we can new science Yes. Japan is also one of the powerful countries in Asia, "says Coach Bewe as quoted from vamosfutsal.

Players Participating Bekasi ' Trial ' In The Black Steel Manokwari

"I hope we can be the new science, I personally can better know how to train a more modern and the kids got a new science in play and improve your skill," pungkasnya.

Coacing clinic itself is a continuation of one of the implementation of the cooperation that has been created between Bardral FC and Mataram. Coaching clinic is expected to be able to add science to the retainer Mataram FC to compete in the Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.
Futsal team of the origin of the City Metro, Lampung, Giga FC who compete in a Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017 after acquiring Bie The Great Bekasi (BTG) will conduct an open selection.

However, this selection only take precedence for the player who comes from the City Metro, Lampung. The selection will be held on November 13, tomorrow in Metro City. The selection itself was held to provide an opportunity for the players of futsal Metro City to compete in PFL 2017 as the highest caste futsal competitions in Indonesia.

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