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Ajib! Captain Black Steel Will Be Umbro Ambassador

Captain Black Steel Manokwari will be ambassador apparel Umbro in Indonesia.

Echona Tuahuns had approached representatives of Umbro in Indonesia. No joke, Echona will be wearing shoes that are also dikenalan by Dewa Falcao Futsal while playing at the Futsal World Cup. If the da had transverse aral and a match then the Echona will officially became ambassador

The presence of Umbro's own increasingly glorify apparel overseas in world futsal Indonesia. Of course, the achievement of shared Echona Black Steel in a Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2016 by menajadi champion became one of the reasons these players worthy of being ambasaor Umbro in Indonesia.
Argentina does not just have a Mario Deflated, Diego Maradona or Lionel Messi, but also have top freestyler like Carlos Alberto Iacono.

In the World Championships The Red Bull Street Style, Tuesday (8/11) evening in London, featuring a new style of Alberto views the thousands of spectators and millions of television viewers worldwide.

Ajib! Captain Black Steel Will Be Umbro Ambassador

He was declared victorious in the finals defeating Japan freestyler Kosuke Takahashi in the race that lasted three minutes.

A unique, one of the Manchester United Club legend, Gary Neville was appointed one of the five referees on duty.
Senior players Bie The Great Bekasi (BTG) officially join FC Giga City Metro to compete in Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.

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Rahmat Widyanto can play any place, starting from the flank and pivot the 2016 season scintillating indeed that almost bring BTG qualified for the final four. Now, after being acquired by BTG Giga FC, grace will defend the team origin City Metro, this Float in the PFL 2017.

Grace himself has experienced playing in the pro League, earlier defended the Brilyan Sport of Makassar and expected his experience can help the young players on the Giga FC compete in PFL 2017.
Captain Bie The Great Bekasi (BTG) officially docked to Giga City Metro FC to play in a Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2017.

Giga FC who acquires BTG directly act quickly with contracted players, including former retainer BTG. We have agreed to sign the contract along with Giga FC.

Worth anticipated how player performance also shines with the team futsal POUND West Java with Giga FC. Raka himself dubbed The Robot because it has the stamina and the bait is accurate as it has been programmed like robots.
Defending champion Pro Futsal League (PFL), Black STeel Manokwari has started back training to defend his title in the PFL 2017.

Black Steel that is still ditangni by Sayan Karmadi as coach has started pemsautan altihan (TC) in the Midshipman Futsal independent, Sawangan. Centralizing this exercise also served as the material selection for the team coach to determine player to PFL 2017.

Defending champion Sebahai of course challenge the Black Steel gets bigger. What's Black Steel incorporated in the eastern region that contains powerful teams, such as Mataram, Vamos Electric PLN Jakarta, Bandung, BJL Libido FC 2000 Cosmo Semarang, and also the Eastern Star Surabaya (BTS).
Talented young futsal goalkeeping Float origin would seem to be the new weapon for defending champion Pro Futsal League (PFL), Black Steel Manokwari.

Kendra Pradipta which is also the best Futsal League goalie students (Lifuma) 2013 and 2015 is currently doing a joint trial of Black Steel. Himself is expected to be a contender for the Iksan Rahardian to keep the goal of Black Steel.

Ought to be anticipated if this Tax Several players will be part of the team's Black Steel in PFL 2017 or not. Certainly, if officially his presence will add strength to the defending champion.
Black Steel Manokwari undergoing pre-season workouts in Midshipman Futsal Center, Sawangan, Depok began Wednesday (9/2/2016).

As many as 14 players have joined the squad in pre-season. All the players have not been tied to the contract and is still in the trial stage. "All the players including coach signature contract yet," said Sayan Karmadi, coach Black Steel Manokwari.

Of the 14 players tucked some new players like Kendra Pradipta, Agus Suarso, and thunderous Jogja, great Wicaksono.

Black Steel also still menungguk three players left to join into the centrality of practice team.

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