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Carlo Ancelotti's team Signed new Kapok Mid Season

Carlo Ancelotti admitted kapok to receive bids to handle the new Club in the middle of the season. This indirectly hinted that Italy coach will stay idle at least until 2015-16 season ended.

Since being laid off Real Madrid at the end of the 2014-15, Ancelotti opted to take a break from the world of football. What's with the magnitude of the immense pressure he feels during a two-season deal with Madrid.

Still, rumors about Ancelotti will be back coaching a team in January 2016 continues to grow. In fact, the 56-year-old coach was also briefly mentioned a contender Juergen Klopp handle Liverpoll which memecar Brendan Rodgers in October 2015.

Now Ancelotti revealed a statement to stop the rumours at least until the end of 2015-16. Don Carletto said that he did not want another team in the middle of the season because it always leads to failure.

"I had some offers from all over the world, but in the end I opted for continued one year off," said Moratti told the Daily Mail.

"I've had three experiences. At Juventus I started his career in February, while together with Milan and PSG on Nov. All three of these experiences were not good, "he said.

Carlo Ancelotti's team Signed new Kapok Mid Season

"So I prefer to remain on leave for a year. If I am lucky and can get a club in the summer, it was great. If it doesn't happen, maybe I should consider to accept a job that is in throughout the season, but not now, "sebutnya.

At fewer than Serie A 2014/15, Daniele Rugani (21 years), like the formidable machine is not damaged despite continued spurred relentlessly. At that time, he was thepillar of the irreplaceable defensive sector in Empoli.

Rugani is the only non-players in Serie A goalkeeper of the 2014/15 that always comes across as a starter in every weekend and never be replaced! Total duration appears Rugani last season was 3,420 minutes.

Statistically it is enough to describe how Rugani is the player who provided the physical Prime at the same time consistent. If the performance of the wind-anginan, improbable coach Empoli last season Maurizio Sarri, continue installing Rugani on themakeup of the team's starter.

Another advantage is the aerial duel Rugani. Serie A in 2014/15, Rugani entry in the top 10 players who most often won the scramble for the ball.

See growing mature Rugani, Juventus calling back Rugani and enter the name of the Defender into their squad in Serie A 2015/16. Since the summer of 2013, Rugani officially indeed belongs to Juventus. In order to give a more flying hours, in the last season was sent first to the Empoli Rugani, a club who forged his talents since a young age.

Carlo Ancelotti's team Signed new Kapok Mid Season

He hoped could be the coating or even a competitor Andrea Barzagli (34) and Giorgio Chiellini (31) that have started to fall for the ages. However, the fact the engine cold this season likely Rugani himself seldom spurred.

Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri, looks still hesitate to defensive sectors comes to rely upon a young figure like Rugani. If last season Rugani capable elections caused 3,420 minutes appear, in 2015/16 Serie A he hasn't even given an opportunity grazing!

ARGO minutes performing Rugani with black-white uniforms Juventus in all races of the season just over two minutes. Note that published Rugani kala himself replacedPaulo Dybala at party counter the UEFA Champions League. It's not an exaggerationto call then Tuttosport Rugani as l'uomo dei due minuti human alias two minutes.

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However, the man two minutes it's still got a lot of enthusiasts. Fiorentina, NapoliSampdoria and referred interested borrow Rugani on January transfer exchanges in the future. In addition to the three Serie A was also reportedly Rugani, monitored byArsenal.

Napoli could get their own special place in the hearts of the concomitant existence of Sarri Rugani on the coach. Just, Sampdoria is said to also have a large sign proposal Rugani. The Club Called Il Blucherchiati it could capitalize on the interest of Juventus to Roberto Soriano.

Loaning Rugani to Sampdoria Juventus intention will be called paves acquired Soriano at the end of a season later. Where Rugani Manchester docked? To be sure, he will not be willing to bear the label as a human two minutes until 2015/16 Serie A ends.

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