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Juventus into the quarter-finals? Of Course It Can

Carlo Ancelotti says that he is ready if it is trusted to handle the national team Italyby 2030. However, it will be acceptable to the former Real Madrid coach was on one condition, namely Gli Azzurri became runner up at the World Cup in 2018.

Italy is the holder of four World Championship editions 1934, 1938, 1982and 2006.Azzurri parallel with Germany and only lagged one from Brazil who collected five titles.

It makes Italy will always be a favorite team into a champion. However, such reasoning is not applicable in coconut Ancelotti.

If looking at the history, the Report says Italy will become the new champion if it managed to be runners up in 2018 World Cup in Russia. It is a requirement for Don Carletto to want to deal with Italy's highest football championship of the world for the2030, although 71-year-old will be at the time.

Juventus into the quarter-finals? Of Course It Can

Italy national team "handle? Maybe in the year 2030. Italy has a pattern of duration of 12 years if we look at the history since 1970.0 "said Ancelotti told the Daily Mail.

"At the 1970 World Cup final they lost in the final, then won in 1982. They lost the final again in 1994 and became a champion on 2006.0 "clear Reasons.

"It gives the sense that if Italy lose in the final again in 2018, I will take over the national team for World Cup 2030.0" call Pick before answering the question of journalists about when United Kingdom will again become champion. "Maybe the new United Kingdom will return to being a champion at 2066."

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Juventus still ranked seventh Serie A standings 2015-16. However, they remain optimistic it can soon rise and enter the competition in the quarter-finals.

Up to the 12th week or towards a third travel competition, Juventus collected 18 points. They are still lags nine digits from Fiorentina and Inter Milan as the top two teams in the standings.

Juventus also must still be followed AS Roma (26 points), Naples (25), Sassuolo (22), up to AC Milan (20) If you want to dabble in competition on track champion.

Juventus into the quarter-finals? Of Course It Can

The weight? It is certain, but not impossible. So the word bek I Bianconeri, Giorgio Chiellini.

"True we could still win the scudetto five consecutively. Many reasons this team is having a hard time, but we tried to handle this situation. The team developed and can handle it, "said Chiellini told Rai Sport.

It also voiced confidence of John Elkann, the CEO of Exor, the investment firm that controls Juventus.

"The Scudetto? I am very sure, "he said.

La Gazzetta dello Sport Juventus examine opportunities situated in the quarter-finals could be realised before Christmas day later. The requirement is indeed heavy.

They are targeting party won five straight, by calculating also the potential outcomes of other competitors in action above board. The following things can support theMission of Juventus.

Momentum Tactics

Juventus were successful because of the positive momentum melakoni constructing the winning streak for the first time in Serie A this season. The enthusiasm appearedaccompanied by success in applying the tactics of the 4-3-3 which is efficacious when bending Empoli 3-1, Sunday (8/11/2015).

Using the system as the initial eleven guidelines in the League, Arsenal unbeaten this season. Earlier, troops Massimiliano "MaxAllegri bend Genoa 2-0 and drew withFrosinone 1-1.

The scheme was able to accommodate the use of three formidable midfielder, whileleveraging the speed of Juan Cuadrado on the side of the assault team.

Juventus into the quarter-finals? Of Course It Can

Agenda of Juventus in five weeks ahead quite difficult. They respectively will entertain AC Milan, on a trip to Palermo and Lazio, welcome Fiorentina, as well as travellingto Carpi.

However, the sign Paul Pogba cs streaked helped by the schedule conflicts made competitors above them. Before Christmas, Napoli will face Inter Milan, Friday(30/11/2015) and AS Roma Sunday (14/12/2015), while Fiorentina entertain Sassuolo, Friday (30/11/2015).

KMP Solid

Max Allegri seems to have found a potion of the patent in the midfield. He had a trio of KMP with Sami Khedira, Claudio Marchisio, and Paul Pogba. All three are solid served complement each other in the kitchen game Juventus.

Not coincidentally I Bianconeri unbeaten when it plays the trio Allegri in five gamesthis season. In the League, the combination of KMP mentas when facing Inter (0-0),Atalanta (2-0), Torino (2-1), and Empoli (3-1). One remaining moment happened in the Champions League against Moenchengladbach Central (0-0).

Juventus can hope Juan Cuadrado or Paulo Dybala stable provide an important contribution for the team. Both are contributors to assists and scorer for the Bianconeri squads this season.

Cuadrado distributed three assists, while the sharpest Dybala carved five goals in Serie A.

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