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Revealed Potential Buyers A Majority Stake Of AC Milan

This season is perhaps the best chance Italy to revive them in the Europa League. Reigning Serie A send most rather than other leagues.

Roma, Napoli, InterFiorentina, Torino and become desperate Italy in 2014/15 Europa League. However, they cannot scuba because weight has a large round awaits at32.

Rome meets a half-hour Edition of 1974 and 2002, Feyenoord, then Napoli challenged Trabzonspor, Inter are strong kicks with Celtic, Manchester United meet Tottenham, and Torino faced Athletic Bilbao.

"I twice met with Tottenham in the 2012/13 Europa League along with Basel. A great game for me, I scored a goal against Tottenham, which is my first nicks European competition. I am also collecting five assists in the competition, "said the Fiorentina player later Mohamed was wrong in Express.

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Revealed Potential Buyers A Majority Stake Of AC Milan

Mattia Destro scored his first goal success finally made Milan.

"Responsibility as a striker does not make me afraid. An attacker must be scored points for the team and contribute, "said Destro to Sky Sport Italy, ahead of the duel cons Empoli.

Destro prove his words. Five minutes ahead of the action down to the cons of Empoli, he successfully scored his first goal for Milan.

Starting from a scheme counteroffensive, Destro poke ball entry submissions Giacomo Bonaventura defense from the right side Empoli.

Destro followed in the footsteps of Andreas Andersson, Christian Vieri, and Fernando Torres. They all scored for Milan against Prime create Empoli.

However, the fan of course do not want the Italian Il Destro fared the same as threeof his predecessors were. After breaking into Empoli, Andersson, Vieri, and Torres never scored again to Milan!

Statistics prove that duet Paulo Dybala-Franco Vazquez was cast upon the creation of 92 percent of the Palermo goal this season. As many as 18 goals and 16 assists born collectively from them. The contribution was extraordinary because the numbers entering Palermo reached 37 touchdowns until the week of the 23rd.

Revealed Potential Buyers A Majority Stake Of AC Milan

Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini, explosive performance, assess Dybala and Vazquez this season is a pleasant surprise package. Both players it did show significant progression compared to previous seasons. Dybala recruited Palermo for 12 million euros in April 2012. It's value makes it the most expensive Club rekrutan.

Initially, Zamparini received criticism because Dybala still failed in prime season. A series of coaches, like Giuseppe Sannino, Gian Piero Gasperini, Alberto Bologna, andGennaro Gattuso, failed to issue the best talent Dybala. The Club had to wait until the arrival of Giuseppe Iachini in 2013.

"They remind me of the couple's Edinson Cavani-Javier Pastore. Dybala unique players. However, its growth was also helped by the pentingkatan performance of Vazquez, "said Zamparini equate Dybala-Vazquez with two former Idol Palermo who currently plays for PSG.

Palermo continued to nurture a dream finish in European club zone. A 3-1 victory over Napoli on Saturday (14/2) attest to the quality of the Palermo worth accounted for their competitors in the middle-upper Board

Keeper of the dream L'Aquile aka the Eagle of Sicily is deadly duo Paulo Dybala-Franco Vazquez. A combination of two youths of birth Argentina returned his role presenting the victories make Palermo. Vazquez (25) contributed two assists and one goal.

Revealed Potential Buyers A Majority Stake Of AC Milan

A nicks Vazquez was born from action Dybala (21). Patent Cooperation Dybala-Vazquez asserted both as one of the best offensive duo of Palermo is at once the most dreadful create enemies. Statistics prove that duet Dybala-Vazquez was cast upon the creation of 92 per cent goal Palermo this season!

As many as 18 goals and 16 assists born collectively from them. Really massive contribution because the numbers entering Palermo reached 37 touchdowns until the week of the 23rd.

The shocking news came from the land of the white elephant, Thailand, Monday (16/2). Employers have Bee Taechaubol confirm the bid of 1 billion euros to buy a majority stake in the ownership of the great clubs in Italy, AC Milan Football Club.

Bee Taechaubol CEO Thai Prime co. wants to buy more than 50 percent of the shares of AC Milan. But not the overall ownership.

As it was said the Bangkok Post, Bee Taechaubol sure a deal will be reached this month.

Previous media in Italy is indeed already mentions there are entrepreneurs from Thailand who want to buy Milan Silvio Berlusconi from the hand of one billion euros. Now any such figure can be ensured is the Bee Taechaubol.

La Repubblica also said the 30 percent stake Milan has sold for 300 million euros. However, Berlusconi's company Finivest, there has been no agreement reached. However, no middle ditampik there is a negotiation process that is still running.

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