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Real Madrid Vs Barcelona, from Barcelona Up to Manchester

The relationship between Guardiola and Jose Mourinho's changed since then. WhenMourinho coached Internazionale of Milan, he did not cover up feeling pleased when Javier Zanetti dkk get rid of Barcelona in the semifinals of the Champions League.

Inter qualify despite losing 0-1 in the second leg at the Camp Nou. For, in the first leg at the San Siro, they won 3-1.

"This defeat is a defeat in love in my life. We strive with all my soul. Inter will look not a bunch of heroes. This is in contrast to last year when my former players laugh atBarcelona at Chelsea, "said Mourinho.

Their feud intensified after Mourinho requested coached Real Madrid, eternal rivalsBarcelona.

Tensi Cristiano Ronaldo, the Real Madrid-Barcelona game, which is already high because of the heat, the tinged war of words between the two coaches.

In total, from their meeting since becoming coach, Guardiola is superior than Mourinho.

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona, from Barcelona Up to Manchester

Of the 15 meeting, Real Madrid winning 7 times and Murinho only three times, while the rest of the series.

Now, they again met, this time in the Premier League. As already outlined, they tackle city rivals; Champions Manchester City and Jose Mourinho at Manchester United.

Derbi Manchester is not something to be taken lightly. There is prestige, prestige, and position in the standings at stake.

Moreover, the two teams are both gathered nine result always wins in three weeks early Premier League.

Man City for a while there at the top of the standings because of a superior goal difference, while Man United in third place.

Mourinho certainly curious to mengudeta Champions from the top of the standings.

Indeed, Mourinho has already hinted that he did not want public attention focusedon him.

"In Spain, candidate champion when it was just me and him, so I guess if there's anyreasonable dispute. In the Premier League is different. If I just focus to Barcelona and Manchester City and vice versa, other teams will overtake the US and become a champion, "said Mourinho.

What Mourinho may be right. They still compete with Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur,Arsenal, until the defending champions Leicester City.

However, history proves, a meeting between Mourinho and Guardiola will always be an interesting spectacle.

The famous agent Mino Raiola denounced Pep Guardiola. He called the original man this cowardly because Spain does not want to sit down to negotiate with him.

Raiola's statements this impending situation heats derbi joined Manchester on Saturday (10/9/2016) at Old Trafford. The agent talking about the treatment of his clientto Barcelona, Zlatan Ibrahimovicwhen they were still a team at FC Barcelona.

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona, from Barcelona Up to Manchester

"I don't like him, I do not hate him but also don't like," said Raiola told Cadena Ser.

"He's a football coach who's very good, but for me, the football that he offer look boring."

"He didn't have the guts to sit with me."

Barcelona bought Ibrahimovic from Inter Milan in 2009 at a price of 69.5 million euros. However, the price of expensive it could not guarantee the primary choice for inter Champions since Sweden midfielder is knocked out of the main squad. Consequently, any leave Cahill of the Camp Nou to AC Milan with the status of the loan in 2011-2012, before moving to Paris Saint-Germain.

This is what makes Raiola was disappointed. In fact, the agents have clients world class players with reputations is very classy, including Paul Pogba, who is now the world's most expensive player status when it purchased Manchester United in the summer.

Well, at the end of this week, Ibrahimovic and Guardiola will be met, although the opposite team. Ibrahimovic as interpreter gedor Manchester United will attempt to silence the Manchester City hosts Fulham.

Leroy Sane hope melakoni debuted in Manchester City against Manchester United at Old Trafford, Saturday (10/9/1999).

Origin of the attackers have appeared defending Germany City since it was bought for $37.5 million pound refurbishment of Schalke 04. Sane had to delay his debut because of a hamstring injury.

But now, Sane claims to be in good shape and ready to show at Like Instagram the match later. "I've been practicing well and my hamstring have recovered. Therefore, I look forward to performing, "said Sane.

Any sane feel can contribute a maximum of time melakoni derbi debut in Manchester.

"I've been performing at the derbi in Germany but a match later is an incredible match. I am very menantikanya, especially since Pep Guardiola will be against Jose Mourinho, "said Sane.

"The match later designate a special game and we can feel the expectations from our fans all over. Action will also be interesting and I hope to take part, as well as gives 3 points, "sambungnya.

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