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David Luiz Snap Its First Premier League Title

After joining the Chelsea for the second time, David Luiz hoping to find their first Premier League trophy.

David Luiz was first recruited by Chelsea from Benfica at the end of January 2011. Then, entered June 2014, Chelsea sold it to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

However, the Brazil midfielder was eventually returned to the bosom of Chelsea ahead of the closing of the stock transfer of the summer of 2016.

When his first period at Chelsea, David Luiz recorded ever find their title of Champions League, Europa League, and the FA Cup.

Now, in the second period, David Luiz is eager for a degree that has never been reached, i.e. the Premier League trophy.

What's more, this season, Chelsea did not compete in European club competitions.David Luiz pun is hoping it can make Chelsea focus to win the domestic league.

David Luiz Snap Its First Premier League Title

"This is the time to grab it. I hope it happens this year. I worked hard to make it happen, and certainly it becomes us this season, "said David Luiz as reported by the official website of Chelsea, Wednesday (8/9/2016) local time.

"This season, we will not fight in the UEFA Champions League. So, we'll try to win the Premier League and two other trophies (the FA Cup and the League Cup, United Kingdom), "he said.

David Luiz has indeed been set by the Manager, Antonio Conte, to become a doorstop at Chelsea this season.

The opportunity was certainly not be squandered by David Luiz. Collectors of 56 caps that Brazil national team also expressed its readiness to play in any position.

"Coach is amazing. He understands many things tactically and I know he will determine the order of the best players in every game, "said David Luiz.

David Luiz will most likely be Magpies in the Premier League this season against Swansea City, Sunday (11/9/2016).

One of the surprises that occurred on the last day of the transfer of the summer this year was Tottenham recruit Moussa Sissoko. France midfielder was recruited from Newcastle United and Manager Mauricio Pochettino seems will soon play it, with the hope of attending more threat from midfield Spurs to opponents.

Authors: Dian Savitri

However, that's not the problem. The problem is now flooded with Spurs midfielder.According to Transfermarkt, there are 10 midfielders, while striker only three people, plus seven of the defender and the three goalkeepers. This condition will one daymake Pochettino dizzy to decide which quarterback should be lowered.

David Luiz Snap Its First Premier League Title

So far, the first three games in the Premier League, twice Pochettino wear formation4-2-3-1 and one 4-4-2. As it turns out, the result is precisely the Spurs showed superiority when wearing two strikers and four midfielders. They can win 1-0 over Crystal Palace while wearing 4-4-2. With a 4-2-3-1, the Spurs just grab the results of series with the same score, 1-1.

Last season, Pochettino 37 times wearing the formation 4-2-3-1 and only one time4-3-3 in the Premier League. At that time, two defensive midfielder, Eric Dier and Mousa Dembele, became stars. This season, only new Dembele will play on September 11.

He was still absent when the Spurs face Stoke City, 10 September. Dembele get suspension six games since the end of last season. So, Pochettino could still do experiments for Dembele could not play.

Rotation is a mainstay. This season, the pair of Dier was Victor Wanyama, who is seen as the most intelligent recruitment done Spurs this season. Dier and Wanyama is always played with any formation in three games this season.

Kenya midfielder that can provide a lot of protection against Spurs Defender, but can also make a contribution to a sequence of attacks. Capital Wanyama is running speed and expertise do tekel.

However, this season the Spurs play in the Jasa Like Instagram as well. It is not possible to just play the Dier and Wanyama in every match that carried Spurs, both in domestic and European club competitions. Tactical thinking, because that's whatPochettino is indispensable.

Dier or Wanyama Dembele or must be paired with Sissoko. Dembele, Belgium midfielder, should get a place in the starting XI since he is the best quarterback of the Spurs last season.

Dembele will be paired again with Dier or with the Wanyama because Kenya playersmight make it just idle on the bench.

Two positions already owned four such players. Well, now living in finding positions that Pochettino most potent for delegation of Alli, Erik Lamela, and Christian Eriksen. As simple as that.

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