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Inter has never won in Scotland

Podolski did not celebrate Chinese new year. However, Germany national team starwas not forget congratulated his fans who are celebrating the Chinese nation's great day.

Chinese new year or Imlek fall right on this day, Thursday (19/2). Via Twitter, Podolski congratulate fan who celebrate.

In the photos uploaded to the virtual world, Podolski posing in front of a church while performing the typical greetings people of China.

Podolski currently resides in Scotland. Friday (20/2) early morning GMT, he will go down defending Internazionale in counterinsurgency action in the Europa League, the Celtics.

Internazionale sought to treat the record is disappointing in Italy by winning the Europa League title. Although the trip was very long, the blue-black optimistic can embody such ambitious targets.

Inter has never won in Scotland

Friday (20/2) early morning EST Inter will meet Celtic in the first half to the headquarters large 32 Europa League. If a long historical record, Inter has never reaped the victory though in Scotland.

From a total of four matches played away to Inter, they swallow the two defeats andtwo other matches ended goalless. Inter's last visit was conducted in December 2005, mengahadapi Rangers.

In contrast to Inter, Celtic has scored a total of four victories over the teams of Italy in their cages. Of a total of 11 matches, they also pack the draw four times and losing three times.

Coach Roberto Mancini is aware his team's chances of winning are very very well heavy. However, he believes the child asuhnya can perform a maximum of and reap the rewards.

"Celtic are a great team, the three-time they are very good. Pertanidngan this will be very heavy because they also have a number of great players, "said Mancini.

"I am quite memorized with the Celtic game. They've got a lot of great players. Scottish football also continues to flourish, they could have won a lot of titles, "said Mancio.

The club where the most fitting make Paul Pogba? When this question was presented to the former France national team striker, Nicolas Anelka, then the answer is Chelsea or Real Madrid.

Inter has never won in Scotland

Some clubs are chasing the Pogba. Starting from Manchester United, ChelseaReal Madrid's race to secure the services of the Juventus midfielder was.

According to Anelka, the best place for Pogba is Chelsea or Real Madrid. He never defended the two clubs in the past.

"I advise him (Pogba) to join Chelsea. The Club had a player and a very strong financial, "said Anelka on ESPN.

"Real Madrid are also great. They are one of the biggest clubs in the world, although not the best. Pogba will thrive under Ancelotti, "he added.

Future prospects Pogba Juventus continues to be a warm debate materials. Many times the media blurt out the question of the possibility of the quarterback issue migrated, many times it also sounded objections of stronghold the Bianconeri.

Not only senior government officials of Italy are responding statement uttered racialpitched Arrigo Sacchi. Although denied racially, Sacchi still received criticism.

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Inter has never won in Scotland

Former United Kingdom international player who is now a sports broadcaster, so Gary Lineker, Joined commented. "Too much racism in Italy's soccer," he said in a personal Twitter account.

Agent Mino Raiola, Mario Balotelli, also lift up the talk. Raiola assess Sacchi dumb, and with a tone of ironic, said komen said Sacchi gave Italy a bad image on the person.

"Too many people are stupid and fool who ruled Italy in football. Shame so people Italy when I hear statements Sacchi. Bella figura (a good impression), "sindir Raiola.

As agents of Balotelli, Raiola seems to have full handle that smells of racism. Understandably, Balo, who has a Ghanaian-born parents and later adopted by a white family of Italy, often so target racism.

"In this world there are no strangers, only human. Sport should be open to everyone, whoever is playing best, playing only. Italy soccer in turmoil because of this, "he said in the AFP.

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