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Senior Government Officials Of Italy Kecam Sacchi

The controversial statement said AC Milan legend, Arrigo Sachi, starting to reap thecensure. One that reacts with racial it is worded statement Graziano Delrio

Delrio is a senior official known to the Government of Italy. He is also the Secretary of the Prime Minister of Italy at the moment, Matteo Renzi, specifically that of a force field of keolahragaan on the Board of the Ministry of Italy.

Delrio call statement Sacchi as a big mistake.

"Right now a lot of young players, which is a citizen of Italy since birth or because the grant because they were born and raised in Italy, despite the history of their parents came from abroad," said Delrio.

"They are part of the younger generation, who went to school, played soccer and other sports. Skin color theme will not be so sure of where we should begin to revitalize the system of construction of a young age, "he added.

Sacchi, the former coach of AC Milan and Italy national team, has recently been saidtoo many young black players were in the U-20 competition in Italy and Italy that now no longer has the dignity or self-worth because of that condition.

Senior Government Officials Of Italy Kecam Sacchi

Position coach Filippo Inzaghi to mengangi team AC Milan is reportedly safe from expulsion, this is a ahsil of a summit meeting between President Silvio Berlusconi and Chief Executive Adriano Galliani.

Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani is rumored to have done the meeting at the villa belongs to the President to discuss the situation of the Club. Its main agenda todiscuss the leadership of Filippo Inzaghi to continue to handle Milan's squad.

This is because Inzaghi who is only able to grab the one victory of the Serie A in early 2015. In addition the Rossoneri to position the 23rd weekend ever still ranked 11th with 30 points to become the main cause of the uncertainty of the future coach was 40 that year.

However, Sport Mediaset said that the results of the meeting yielded agreement that they still believe in the ability of Inzaghi. Perhaps this is also due to the lack of a credible replacement alternatives that make the position of Inzaghi is safe, at least until the end of the rest of this season.

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However, if at the end of the season 2014/15 the position of Milan considered unworthy, then Inzaghi will likely be removed from any Office. The main replacement that is believed to be recruiting in Milan was the coach of Fiorentina, Vincenzo Montella.

Score series 2-2, which happened in a match against Cesena, Juventus Sunday (15/2), still has the story.

Cesena indeed deserve credit because it could hold the draw defending champion.Moreover, statistics conceded Juventus tend to good.

Until the weekend of the 23rd Serie A 2014/15, Juventus is still the team that suffered the least goals (12 pieces).

In addition, Cesena was one of two Serie A this season that can be scored twice tomesh The Old Lady. The other is the teams Roma losing 2-3 in early October 2014.

Senior Government Officials Of Italy Kecam Sacchi

Results at the headquarters of Cesena is also proving difficult Juventus win when they conceded first.

This season in the entire competition, Juventus lag earlier than his opponent five times. Gianluigi Buffon dkk. ending the game the game with two draws and lostthree.

Juventus lost bomber mainstay, Carlos Tevez, because suspension one game while on a trip to the headquarters of Cesena, Sunday (16/2).

Without Tevez, Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri, front-line comes to rely to Alvaro Morata and Fernando Llorente.

Allegri certainly cannot guarantee Morata-Llorente can directly nyetel to each other.Understandably, the striker duo of new Spain was once paired up as a starter.

As a result, the duo's debut is not satisfactory because only Morata who contributedin the results Juventus drew 2-against teams under the Board of Cesena.

In total, Morata made four shots and Llorente also had four experiments. However,Llorente, 29 years old, can not let go of one shot is accurate.

While Morata had two on-target efforts where one becomes a goal in the 27th minute. 22 year old striker was also contributed assists for goals Claudio Marchisio (33 ').

"Llorente and Morata played very well in their first game together. They are busy opposing defenses, without consent, "so the comments Made to Sky Sport Italy.

The contribution of the latest shows Morata ex-player Real Madrid it was sharp. Hecarved the four goals and four assists in eight recent matches throughout the event.

"It is indeed a good one can be scored. But, if it did not get the three points, it becomes less meaningful. I always want to win, "said Morata at the site of the Club.

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