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Two former Juventus sorely missed Morata

The Juventus striker, Alvaro Morata, stating that his team missed the figure of Andrea Pirlo and Fernando Llorente. According to Morata, Pirlo and Llorente contribute greatly to the success of the team in 2014-15.

Alongside Pirlo and Llorente, Juventus won Serie A, Coppa Italy, and reached the Champions League final last season. On the Exchange, transfer of the summer, Pirlo decided moved to New York City FC, while Llorente joined Sevilla.

Without both Juventus decline achievements at least up to the 12th week of the Italian Serie a. They've suffered four defeats and is stuck in seventh position.

"The team misses Pirlo and Llorente. Without my Llorente will not perform very well in the last season. As for Pirlo be players who guarantee 10 or 15 points a season pass dead ball situations, "said Morata.

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Two former Juventus sorely missed Morata

A decrease in hardness, experienced Morata. He has scored one goal in ten matchesmade in Serie A this season.

"I had a complicated season for Juventus, mainly because of the injury. I also didn'tplay in an ideal position, "he said.

For the first time in Serie A this season Juventus posted a winning streak in the last two weeks.

After winning the derbi opponent Torino 2-1 (31/10/2015), Juventus hit Empoli 3-1 (8/11/2015). The latest Jose appeared accompanied by the presence of the name Mario Mandzukic in the scoreboard.

The bomber Croatia in total recently scored four goals in the various races of this season. However, he's like an amulet of luck because Juventus always wins saban Mandzukic make goals.

The detail is in the Super Cup Lazio Italy cons (8/8/2015; 2-0), UEFA Champions League duel versus man. City (15/9/2015; 2-1), as well as the Serie a match against Atalanta (25/10/2015; 2-0) and now over Empoli.

The match opponent Empoli also became the ninth the Bianconeri suffered moments earlier goals in all competitive stages 2015-16. Of these, Juventus three times successfully change the deficit be turned won.

Fiorentina was once very close with scent strong enough on the coaching era of Giovanni Trapattoni in 1998-99.

At that time, Fiorentina several times into a single League standings pemuncak running. La Viola even holds half champion predicates. However, the decline in results atthe second round of the competition caused them to finish in third place.

Two former Juventus sorely missed Morata

About 17 seasons later, the public is exposed to similar Drogba dream. Up to the 12th week, origin of the Tuscany Club that became the team most often occupied thethrone. They occupied it between Sunday 6-8 and 11-12.

The savory Paulo Sousa's team even had a big sign made to exceed the accomplishments of era Trapattoni because it was superior in many respects. Fiorentina this season had 27 points, more than two pieces of note Viola 1998-99 in the same period start (12 weeks).

Nikola Kalinic cs also has cool goal difference report with the new insert and 24 times 9 times suffered. Compare with era Trapattoni first who scored 23 goals and conceded 12 times.

"We want to have fun and play positive football in every game," said Paulo Sousa expose key to success his team so far.

"Yesterday Evening, I saw a great team. I was present in the Marassi and impressivepower figures that I enjoy, "said senior coach Marcello Lippi, Italy's origin, on Radio 2, after watching the La Viola win 2-0 at home to Sampdoria Sunday (8/11/2015).

Sousa was praised for its build Fiorentina into a formidable war machine, but gracefully. The game The Purple pictured media Italy as an orchestra that is delicious enjoyed.

"This team to play total football. For many years working in the field of sport, I've never seen a style like this, "said Sporting Director Daniele Prade.

The reaction may be arguably excessive Prade, but have a strong basis. The key game is beautiful Viola is maximum ball mastery and ensure constant distribution of flow line to the line.

Opta noted Fiorentina 2015-16 is the team with the highest possession rataan in Serie A since the 2005-06 (64%).

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