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Pirlo Talk When Football Ends Career

Midfielder Andrea Pirlo geeks say that up to this point himself still not thinking about when to retire. Players aged 35 years it still felt strong enough to play football inthe next few years.

Although no longer young, Andrea Pirlo is still felt able to play football in the next few years, both shared Club or national team in Italy. Although himself will not be able to always play for the full 90 minutes.

"Of course, there is still enough power to play in Pirlo some time. I still have a few years ahead to playing football, "said Pirlo told ABC.

"I still love this sport in the same way since the same was still 15 years old. When one day I woke up not feeling it anymore, then I'll retire. But that moment is still very far away. "

President Erick Thohir confessed very proud over the success of the young team Internazionale of Viareggio tournament to win Cup. The President of Indonesia origin it hope this can bring a beautiful future for the Nerazzurri.

Pirlo Talk When Football Ends Career

The young team Internazionale won the Viareggio Cup after conquering Hellas Verona in the final on Monday afternoon (16/2). Success in an international tournament,which was also attended by the representative of Indonesia, Ambassador of the Pro, it's become a sign that the Nerazzurri have a young team who can lift a team someday.

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"I am very proud to have this opportunity to congratulate our young players who are able to show a brilliant appearance and tenacity in won the Viareggio," He told the Club's official website.

"They performed amazing and so does Stefano Vecchi. The coach has shown himself very capable in fostering young talents. I am very closely follow the development of the Academy and has a great interest. We are very proud of their achievements. "

"This is the seventh time Inter won Tournaments and trophies to Viareggio-38 overall for our youth Academy. For that I would like to congratulate Roberto Samaden, Director of our Academy, and all who worked with him to get the success it is today and we know that they will continue to build a great future for this club. "

Midfielder Keisuke Honda has requested AC Milan fan to keep giving their support to the team. This is particularly noticeable with the empty stands in the stadium audience of the San Siro when they edged past Empoli which makes the players not eager.

After a successful first Serie A victory at 2015 on kala face Parma, Milan again defeated by Juventus. This turned out to make the fan looks reluctant to come to the stadium to provide support against Empoli. Draw 1-1 became the end of that game.

This fan is very unfortunate attitude by Keisuke Honda. Japan midfielder was hopingthe fan can come back and come back fighting with the players to improve the appearance and position in the Serie A standings.

"We need to improve our performances, but most importantly we should be able todo it all together. The fan can also help us grow, "said Honda.

"The fans can make us excited before the game, but at the same time there will be a lot of pressure from them because they would like to see Milan are in a higher position in the standings."

"We need to work hard to get out of a negative situation like today. We need to get rid of the negative aura in the locker room. Only if everyone helps, the players and fan, we'll be able to bring Milan back to a calmer place. "

Pirlo Talk When Football Ends Career

Midfielder Alessandro Florenzi said that Roma are now eligible to earn the scorn of the fan itself. Public Olimpico has now showed their disappointment to the team after being held goalless by Parma Giallorossi.

Fan of Rome began whistling (deride) the players themselves who failed after the previous victory had defeated Cagliari at the weekend. See game Giallorossi, Alessandro Florenzi felt that his team deserve the scorn it.

"We are not in the best conditions, we did not bring a sense of tahut (to opponents)as we did last year when they came here, and we have to disappoint Rome," said Florenzi to Sky Italy.

"We have no conviction that could make us do a little better and scored a couple ofgoals to make win the game. When compared to the earlier, now they (fan) has been our more corpulent booed. "

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