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Sarri, a realistic Workhorse

POPs the question, with only had one season more experience coaching in Serie A,bringing Napoli to Sarri can rank three or even become a champion like hope Dismisses?

Flying hours is important, but it is not everything. Sarri have enthusiasm to figure out your opponent's weaknesses.

"I was able to learn tactics for 13 hours per day," said Sarri. The agent, Alessandro Pellegrini, reinforce that fact. "He can work 18 hours a day," he said.

Sarri was enthusiast of the details. While in the Sansovino, he never called Mister 33due to prepare a draft game to 33 apply in the situation the ball is dead.

Sarri, a realistic Workhorse

"Maurizio so loved the people of Naples and Naples," said Pellegrini. This coupled with the madness in the works could bring Sarri reaches the target. However, once again a realistic Sarri.

Striker Stefano Okaka admitted surprised himself re-elected by coach Antonio Conte became part of the national team squad for Italy. 26 year old player because it now no longer plays in the Italian Serie a.

Okaka decided to go from Sampdoria at the end of the 2014-15 because it feels the Club are not handled by people who are competitive. This makes him willing to leave Italy and receive on of Belgium League along with Anderlecht.

By playing in the competition with a lower level of Italy, it would make Okaka had forgotten hope go back enter squads.

"I never thought I could be back with the national team and I am very grateful to coach up this opportunity," said Okaka was quoted from Footbaal Italy after a practice session.

Okaka has now the opportunity to have a get together of both Italy's appearance after terakhri times obtained on 18 November 2014 facing Albania. His debut game on it, built the original cast AS Roma managed to scored the winning goal the Azzurri.

Sarri, a realistic Workhorse

"After that game I can not speak! Without a doubt it was the most important goal inmy career, "said Okaka.

"Now everything is going really well at Anderlecht and I am pleased with this new adventure.

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Italy will face two games friendship face Belgium on Friday (13/11/2015) and Romania, Tuesday (17/11/2015) local time. On that occasion, Conte looked like to find several options before the Azzurri appear at the 2016 European Championship in Francein the summer of 2016.

AC Milan play ugly and there's not much to make the odds when they detained 0-draw by Atalanta at the San Siro last weekend. Looking at the results of that minor, Milan called started having symptoms of the disease called Bonadipendenza.

Bonadipendenza refers to the dependence of Milan against Giacomo Bonaventura and fantasy creations. When Atalanta at the weekend of the 12th Serie 2015/16, Italian Il Rosso (the Red Devils) cannot be defended by Bonaventure that entangled the accumulation of yellow cards.

Without the Bonaventure, Milan seemed to trouble defences meeting of Atalanta. Coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, Milan, admitted that one of the main causes why the schemewas not racikannya runs perfect is because attendance in Bonaventure.

"We are lucky to be getting one point. I don't want to look for excuses, but we lostBonaventure, Andrea Bertolacci, and Alex, who to date is our best performers, "saidMihajlovic after the duel cons Atalanta.

Bonaventure was the most creative players Milan today. Quarterback familiar accosted Jack it topping the list of assists (5), the three keys (26), and dribel (22)-most successful in Italian Il squads.

Sarri, a realistic Workhorse

Only, the party against Atalanta cannot forever leave bad impression at the head ofMihajlovic. The coach probably has finds even one drug to cure diseases Bonadipendenza.

With an eye on his head himself, Mihajlovic saw action winger Atalanta, Alejandro Gomez, who was rifling through the right side of the defense. In fact, after a pause forknockout, Miha is forced to replace his right, Defender Mattia De Sciglio, and enterDavide Calabria.

The turnover was done because the De Sciglio have already pocketed a yellow cardand look keteteran meladeni dribel quick dribel-Gomez. Gomez familiar accosted Papu is one of King dribel Serie A 2015/16.

Up to the 12th week, Papu has recorded 38 dribel success, aka far surpass the record magnate gocek Milan, Bonaventure (22 dribel success). No wonder, if the Italian Ilmanagement reportedly exploring the possibility to recruit Papu in the upcoming January transfer.

If it can bring Papu, Mihajlovic, perhaps no need to dismay kala Bonaventure was unable to perform. PAPU no need too much to adapt due to her accustomed mentas as a winger in the 4-3 scheme-3 Atalanta, the formation was also used by Mihajlovic in Milan.

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