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10 Unique Facts Game Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace

14/2015. However the requirement, they must beat Crystal Palace in the crucial game at Stamford Bridge, Sunday (3/5/2015).

The Blues Manager Jose Mourinho reveals if his team successfully secured as champions this season, then he will only keep it for five minutes. In fact, it will be The first title in the last five years.

Apart from the hustle and bustle of celebrations to be held after lifting the Champions Trophy, the biggest focus of the Mou is to prepare the team to face the next season.

"If winning the title, we will certainly do something. We will have dinner together all the members of the team, "Mourinho said as reported by the Mirror.

"But it only briefly. You will get a glimpse of a moment with a loved one. For me, just five minutes later, staring at the back to the front. I have to start thinking about next season, "added Ronaldo.

For managers of origin that Portugal, emotions become the most important thing when celebrating the Championship, that will be remembered forever.

10 Unique Facts Game Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace

"When you are in a competition, I like to won. However, there is no difference between the emotions of winning the Premier League, League One, League Two, or Conference. Happiness mixed with frustration, human feeling would be the same, "saidMourinho.

Meanwhile in the host, motivated also crawled the hosts squad MauricioPochettino.

It is ranked the sixth provisional standings with 58 points, the Spurs were very eagerto overtake Liverpool which is ranked the fifth or the zone of the Europa League with 61 points.

For the sake of realizing this, Pochettino will likely use the formation of 4-2-3-1 by placing Harry Kane as the sole striker and an attacking midfielder assisted first-class as Christian Eriksen, Nacer Chadli, Erik Lamela and also to break down from the second line.

Chelsea another step will grab the title champion of the Premier League season United Kingdom 2014/15. But a mandatory requirement, they pluck victory kala meets Crystal Palace at the weekend to-35.

The Blues still have not been deterred from the top of the standings while. Jose Mourinho's team were successful elections caused 80 points from 34 matches. Their superior 13 numbers above Manchester City and Arsenal who are in positions two and three.

Premier League matches with the United Kingdom leaving only four matches again,chance Chelsea grabbed the fifth League trophy. They only need three numbers to become the best team in the United Kingdom this season.

If it is able to collect 83 figures, then The impossibly Blue squad chased the Arsenalor the City. The maximum points that can be earned The Gunners was 82, while TheCitizens will only collect 79 numbers.

Up the Chelsea grabbed the three numbers in this weekend is wide open. Because,The Blues will entertain Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge, Sunday (3/5/2015).

10 Unique Facts Game Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace

Chelsea have impressive records while Like instagram in front of their own supporters. TheBlue squad never swallow defeat while playing at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League this season, United Kingdom.
Of the 16 matches, they are capable of reaching 13 victories and three draw. However, Crystal Palace remains the opponent must remain wary.

In the last season, The Eagles managed to stifle The Blues by a score of 1-0. In addition, the Palace also always able to score a goal while on a trip to Stamford Bridge inthe last three matches.

The following data and interesting fact Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace as reported by Opta:

1. Chelsea only swallow one defeat from 17 matches last cons Crystal Palace (9 wins; 4; 1 lose draw).

2. As a Manager, Alan Pardew won four victories from the past six games in the Premier League the counter Chelsea United Kingdom.

3. when the Palace meets Chelsea in October last year, both teams played with 10 men before the first half ended. It is for the 12th time in Premier League history United Kingdom.

4. Crystal Palace won the numbers more when in the position of lagging behind compared to other teams in the Premier League this season, United Kingdom (18).

5. Chelsea has scored 198 goals in the London derby matches in the Premier Leaguethe United Kingdom took place in Stamford Bridge.

6. Just grabbed seven victories of 30 matches away to derby in the Premier LeagueLondon United Kingdom (7 wins: 8 draw 15; lost).

7. The Blues managed to record five clean sheets from six Premier League matchesUnited Kingdom London team fellow cons. However, they conceded five goals in one game, which is the top 3-5 17 Tottenham Hotspur.

8. Palace is a team of the most frequent violation in the Premier League this season,United Kingdom (462).

9. The Blues is the team most often recorded clean sheets in the Premier League this season, United Kingdom (16). While the Palace is the least (6 clean sheets).

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