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The Real Proof Of Success Of Mourinho As Coach

Jose Mourinho brought Chelsea success eventually earned a Premier League champion United Kingdom this season. For Mourinho, this is the eighth Champions Trophyalong with The Blues, as well as the 22nd during his career as the coach of the football club.

His latest achievements, victories over Mourinho now becomes a coach capable ofwinning the trophy on average every 34 games. Since the deal with FC Porto in 2002, the Mou was successfully managed at local and European level. Career kepelatihannya more shiny since recruited Roman Abramovich to Chelsea in 2004.

Mourinho is arguably achievement lags behind when compared to the legendary Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson who has been collecting 13 Premier League title. However the team Cup ' silver ' Mou is no less impressive.

Origin of the Portugal Manager that ever lifted two Champions League trophy along with Porto and Inter Milan, and the UEFA Cup, FA Cup, three League Cup as well as domestic Cup-Cup in Portugal, Spain and Italy.

During his career in the United Kingdom, the percentage of victories Against be the best throughout the history of the Premier League. 52-year-old manager was able to win 135 matches from 193. Statistically, Mourinho winning percentage of 70 percent.

The Real Proof Of Success Of Mourinho As Coach

Favorite opponent?

Liverpool team recorded the most frequently lost to chelsea. One of the matches that are unforgetable public Anfield is when The Blues memupus hope The Reds win the League United Kingdom 2013/14 season. At that time, John Terry dkk beat Liverpool 2-1.

Of the ten encounters, Mou has eight times enjoyed a victory over The Reds while the two games remaining each Rangers and lost.

Top-Tier Clubs Dominate

Mourinho is no less impressive record when meeting the top teams. Than 40 League games against Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal, Arsenal only lost three times.

Spectre Scary Mourinho

Although the results of the statistics put the Mou is superior to top elite teams, butdoes not mean everything becomes easy when he met the small teams.

Tottenham Hotspurs became the only club who often beat Chelsea. Of the 10 meetings, The Lilywhites dominance with six wins. As for Middlesbrough, Aston Villa and Newcastle are also often frightening Specter of The Blues with more often comes across as a winner.


The failure of Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger had conquered Chelsea is always a concern ahead of the two teams clashed. The Gunners became the only top-tier clubs who have never beat Jose Mourinho.

Arsenal is one of the 19 other clubs listed have never beat The Blues.

The Real Proof Of Success Of Mourinho As Coach

100 percent Victory record

Of the 19 existing clubs in the Premier League, Mourinho has recorded 100 percentvictory record of eight clubs.

After the Gerrard tire position go to Captain The Reds would remained vacant. But apparently, that position would be handed over to Jordan Henderson.

"I've often said that Steven is gone a great loss for the team. He is our leader who gave major influence in every action the living. "

"So if you have to lose players it seems, it will be a big hole. But at the same time, we must go and forget it when Steven is completely left the Anfield Stadium, "said Henderson told Sky Sports News.

Army of Brendan Rodgers will continue its participation in the Premier League withUnited Kingdom into the headquarters of the holder of the title this season, Chelseaon Sunday (10/5/2015) local time. If secured three figures at Stamford Bridge, Liverpool is getting closer in the hope of appearing in next season's Champions League.

Robin van Persie's failure to execute a penalty at the counter action West Ham United last weekend not only imposes a whopping 0-1 Manchester United. Van Persie turns penalty from Louis van Gaal reacted due to its failure.

Van Gaal reacted firmly saying that he will not give the Defender a chance to be executor penalty kick again.

"No chance for him has been exhausted. This is always the same as I do, when Wayne Rooney failed to take the penalty. So when you fail You have to wait for the next opportunity again, "Van Gaal reacted as cited pungkas ESPN.

As is known, Rooney fails to make the penalty when the Red Devils face Liverpool. Van Gaal reacted who feel disappointed directly gives credence to Jual followers instagram. But now, with the failure of the Netherlands striker Van Gaal reacted, it should return a new executors looking.

Van Gaal reacted openly say the role of front-line Manchester United will be a major concern. Because United scored a touchdown in three of the last party that result indefeat. Whereas MU struggled defending the position of the big four in order to qualify to the Champions League next season.

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