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The player is Shooting MU, Not want to Extend his contract with Dortmund

Manchester City's striker Sergio Aguero is the most diligent players breaking into the goal Tottenham Hotspur rather than any other player in the Premier League United Kingdom.

Of the six times against North London, Aguero has made nine goals. That means Aguero scoring average 1.5 goals per match.

At the beginning of this season, the former bomber Atletico Madrid buy up four goals in a 4-1 victory against The Lilywhites, including two goals from through.

Earlier in the year 2013, Aguero scored twice to ensure the victory of Man City 6-0 victory over Tottenham. Whereas the second meeting which took place at White HartLane, Aguero scored the opening goal in a 5-1 win before it pulled out in the second round due to injury.

Aguero himself began writing record golnya over Tottenham in 2011 when he scored the fourth epoch Man City win 5-1. The second meeting in a year ended with a score of 3-1 to Manchester City but Kun failed to score.

The player is Shooting MU, Not want to Extend his contract with Dortmund

In addition to the record, stylish performance Aguero could be bad news for the team's Mauricio Pochettino. A collection of four golnya from the last three games make Aguero scored 27 goals in total this season. Record scorer stout-bodied origin Argentina striker in one season i.e. scored 30 goals in the season 2011/12.

With good record whenever it meets Tottenham, Aguero had a very large sign approaching the acquisition of 30 goals in a season. For more information go to this link

Borussia Dortmund star removals news Ilkay Gundogan, next season is increasinglyblowing winds. The reason that Germany midfielder has refused to extend his contract.

Manchester United became the port of the next Club touted for Gundogan. However, the Red Devils must compete with Bayern Meunchen who also want to mendaratkannya to the Allianz Arena.

Sebernarnya 24 year old quarterback contract it would run out in the summer of next year. But Die Borussen rumored would sell them the end of this season.

"Borussia Dortmund will be midfielder Ilkay Guendogan part with starting June 30, 2016.0" wrote a description of his official page at Dortmund.

"Gundogan has decided not to renew his contract, which is valid until the time the Club champion of Germany eight times," added the statement.

The player is Shooting MU, Not want to Extend his contract with Dortmund

During the defense of Dortmund in the German Bundesliga Germany from 2011, hehas scored nine goals in 77 matches at Wimbledon.

The performance shown with Liverpool Mario Balotelli this season arguably disappointing. It turns out The Reds wasting quite a lot of money for the sake of getting services.

Italy striker came to Meryseyside and costs 19.2 million pounds ($ 382 billion) from AC Milan with hopes he can close the hole left by Luis Suarez. But it turns out that hope can only be due to the expectation of Super Mario performing under expectations.

24 year old football player that recently scored one goal in the Premier League this season, his appearance when Liverpool capitulated 0-1 from Hull on Tuesday (4/28/2015) local time.

At present compete in the KC Stadium, Inter only got the ball one time and then be replaced by another player in 65 minutes. According to The Mail, Liverpool spent a lot of money, he brought former Internazionale it by converting data Inter.

They issued £ 19.24 million Fund by one goal in the Premier League – Manchester, £ 1.92 million per chance made (10) and £ 80 thousand if Inter do a three. In addition, the Club to spend of £ 962 thousand per shots lead to goalpost (20) and £ 1.2 million per shot wide of the goal.

Manchester United is currently aiming for the stars of PSV Eindhoven, Memphis Depay. MU has up graded 99.9 percent to get a young player that Netherlands origin.

Depay be the fruit of the lips of European football universe armed with ciamiknya appearance along with PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands. So far, 21-year-old playerthat scored 21 goals in 28 matches.

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Depay brilliant performance makes a variety of giant European clubs has for the producers brought him, Liverpoo and Manchester United. However, Depay seems to beleaning more choose MU due to proximity factor with coach Louis van Gaal reacted.

The player is Shooting MU, Not want to Extend his contract with Dortmund

"I rate the chances of Depay join MU of 99.9 percent. He will also achieve great success in the United Kingdom. She continues to grow strongly from season to season.He also barus 21 years, "said the former Chelsea, Sports Director Frank Arnesen.

"It is very difficult to stop him, of course, he takes a lot of time adaptation because the League United Kingdom different from the Netherlands. The higher level of the game there. He also designate more play. So, he takes are protected, "he added.

Thumper joined MU, Depay certainly is not easy to get a place in the first team. Because, the Red Devils have many formidable wing quarterback, like Ashley Young, Antonio Valencia, Adnan Januzaj, and Angel Di Maria.

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