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Phil Jones Achieved Awards the best young defender in Europe

The desire of Manchester United get the Memphis Depay services a reality. MU successfully redeeming Depay of PSV Eindhoven with a transfer value is rumored to reach 22 million pounds.

Since the last World Cup 2014, Depay is one of the most talented young players much hunted Europe's elite clubs. Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain to Manchester Unitedcompeting for the sake of securing the signature Depay.

However, PSV reluctant to unleash the valuable asset. The decision of the Rood-witten that cannot bear sweet Depay Memphis melego. Thanks to the contributions ofa player 21 years, PSV won the Eredivisie champion Netherlands Trophy this season.

Alas, the togetherness Depay at PSV Eindhoven had to end after this season. Because PSV management difficult, resist gelontoran Fund 22 million pounds or equivalent to Rp 440 billion that reportedly had to be issued for the sake of getting the Red Devils Depay.

Phil Jones Achieved Awards the best young defender in Europe

"Manchester United have confirmed if an agreement has been reached with PSV Eindhoven on purchasing winger Memphis Depay on this summer," wrote an official statement on the website of Manchester United Club.

The presence of Memphis Depay is certainly welcomed by Manchester United's Manager, Louis van Gaal reacted. Moreover, Van Gaal reacted has long wanted a figurelike Depay which is able to help the attack from midfield.

The Manchester United Defender, Phil Jones, recently crowned as the best young defender in Europe. The award is given directly by an agency study football, CIES Football Observatory.

As reported by the, in the coronation, CIES has its own criteria for Football Observatory in who the best young defender in continental Europe. For the sector of central defender, they refer to a player's ability in providing an efficient feedback, the ability to minimize the opponents scoring in terms of intersep, and assertivenessin minimize the opponent scored a passing duel one-on-one.

Through these criteria, CIES Football Observatory eventually chose Jones as the best young defender in Europe under the age of 23 years. Jones beat his main rival Raphael Varane from Real Madrid.

In addition CIES Football Observatory also gives awards to other sectors. For the full-back, Layvin Kurzawa from AS Monaco was crowned as the best. Marco Verrattiorigin Parist Saint-Germain (PSG) stands in the best young quarterback tops list, winning over Paul Pogba from Juventus who occupies the second position.

Phil Jones Achieved Awards the best young defender in Europe

In the meantime, the best young midfielder fell to penggawa Isco, Real Madrid, andthe best young attackers predicates won by Philip Anderson of Lazio.

Liverpool will melakoni the party important epoch into the headquarters of Chelseaat Stamford Bridge last weekend. For Chelsea, the final result of the match is no longer decisive. Because they have ensured the Premier League champion United Kingdom this season.

However, The Reds midfielder Adam Lallana was determined to spoil the celebration of champion The Blues with victory for the sake of picking position finish in the big four standings.

"Chelsea deserved to be champion. They became the best team throughout the season and you have to accept that reality, "said Lallana as quoted World Soccer.

"But I know we will be playing in their cages. We are determined to ruin their celebrations, "lanutnya with ambitious.

Liverpool is now in fifth position, while the left standings four points from Manchester United, who were one strips on it. With three weeks remaining, Lallana optimisticLiverpool could end the season in the position of the big four.

"We can still finish in the big four. Victory over Chelsea will put pressure to the MU.If we could win all last game maybe we can finish above United, "26-year-old midfielder demolished.

Phil Jones Achieved Awards the best young defender in Europe

Premier League Giants Manchester United, United Kingdom reportedly would prolong the loan striker Radamel Falcao, AS Monaco. It is done to give a last chance for Falcao.

Falcao brought in from AS Monaco at the start of the 2014-15 season on loan. Predicted would Savage, striker Falcao so precisely doldrums. Colombia-born Player is recorded, it is only able to pack the six goals from 24 League match which made along the Red Devils in every event.

However, attackers who were to his loan period expires on June 1, the upcoming rumored BELI LIKE INSTAGRAM would get a contract extension for six months. If the later, successful shows best performance Falcao until January 2016, then it is not impossible to permanent contracts was going by.

However, the Red Devils do not want to extend his contract with exorbitant salariesFalcao. As it known current Falcao salary together with MU of 250,000 pounds sterling ($ 4.9 billion) per week. So the possibility in the next kesapakatan, MU will ask Monaco for menurukan Falcao salary as part of the deal.

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