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The Legend Of The Arsenal Of Criticism Of Van Gaal Reacted Tactics

Quoting Manchester City a 1-0 victory when meets Tottenham Hotspur at the weekend to a 35-game Premier League United Kingdom. The only goal The Citizens intoSergio Aguero in the 29th minute.

With these results, the City continued to secure the runner-up position while the Premier League standings, United Kingdom. They now number 70 elections caused or linked to 13 points over Chelsea who have secured the title this season. While the Spurs were at the stairs sixth with value of 58.

On a trip to White Hart Lane, on Sunday (3/5/2015) night EST, Man City not reinforced Yaya Toure, Vincent Kompany, and Stevan Jovetic. As a result, the City hassles offset game Spurs especially in midfield.

In a two-minute pause, two Tottenham attack success was built. The first opportunity came in the 2nd minute when the ball of the foot to meet Eric Dier City defences.But man United Kingdom was not Spurn.

The Legend Of The Arsenal Of Criticism Of Van Gaal Reacted Tactics

Shortly thereafter, the striker who is currently rising i.e. Harry Kane ran trick eyes Defender-Defender Manuel Pellegrini's forces. Once he gets the ball and then unleashing a shot. Unfortunately, the attempt is still the mark of Kane's thin on the right sideof the net.

Despite playing at home to Manchester City, but his opponents succeeded in winning first at minute 29. The action of David Silva on the left side of Defense Spurs make penggawa host tries to stop his pace.

But Aguero managed to escape from the supervision of Fazio. Argentina national team striker is moving towards the empty space that becomes the final destination orSilva. Easily round out the skin's last gasp goal The Lilywhites with Spurn the hard right foot.

The three-minute lobbed down, Spurs tried to retaliate. Departing from bait Nabil Bentaleb, Ryan Mason managed to escaped the offside trap and be in position one on one with Joe Hart. Man United Kingdom it failed to make the numbers be 1-1 because the thigh Joe Hart still able to deflect his shot.

Until the first half ended, the score of 1-0 Man City: excellence to stay afloat.

The Second Half.

In the second half, each team is actually often the opportunity to print the numbers.For example when Harry Kane difficulty controlling the ball when dealing directly with Joe Hart in 61 minutes.

City responded through cooperation between Fernando and Aguero. However, when the City striker could outwit Lloris Andy thus widened.

On 73 minutes, Pellegrini enter Samir Nasri to replace Frank Lampard that performance does not stand out. But the new three-minute step on the field, France men's thighs were interested and City have to do turn the player on again by entering a Wilfried Bony.

Entered 15 minutes remaining, Spurs kept pressing defense City. However, the score of 1-0 to Manchester City victory remain afloat until the referee blew the whistle long action signs is over.

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, criticized the tactics of Louis van Gaal reacted after swallowing a third defeat Manchester United in the Premier League in consecutive United Kingdom. The latest, MU tumbles 0-1 kala entertain West Bromine at Old Trafford, Saturday (2/5/2015).

At those games, Robin van Persie back entrance starting XI after recovering from injuries that plagued since February. MU captains play their niece, Wayne Rooney, since minutes earlier.

The Legend Of The Arsenal Of Criticism Of Van Gaal Reacted Tactics

In the first half, the Red Devils dominance. However, the range of opportunities thatare still not obtainable to fruition. Score the same powerful 0-0 ever goes up to the first round is over.

In the second half, The Red Devils still controlled the course of the match. However,it is precisely the guest team capable of winning through the feet of Jonas Olsson on 63 minutes.

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After the shocking goal, MU had chances of getting through a point penalty. However, Robin van Persie who ran as the executioner failed to capitalize on a golden opportunity. Tandangan 12 pas RvP can be tipped wide by goalkeeper Boaz Myhill, Bromine West.

Ahead of the second round ended, Radamel Falcao enter Free Van to replace Patrick McNair. Unfortunately the strategy changes, no fruition. Any subject Manchester United 0-1 West of Bromine

"If I play for West Bromine and I see Rooney in the Middle, in the middle of Van Persie, then I feel happy," said Henry told Sky Sports Sunday (3/5/2015).

According to former Arsenal stickers, Van Gaal reacted tactics that attract Rooney and Van Persie into the Middle after Falcao entered, making West Bromine feel safe.Because, in front-line MU leaving only Falcao.

"I think that in certain moments, should change with Free Van Van Persie put more into the future and maybe Rooney too, eventually they could be scored in several key moments of it. But, they thus remained in the middle. "he said.

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