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Mangala Optimistic City Success Next Season

Manchester City Defender, Eliaquim Mangala confirms if his club will reap success next season and give his view reserved victory over Tottenham Hotspur.

The Citizens Pack the three figures in White Hart Lane thanks to Sergio Aguero scoring in the 29th minute. This result brought them ensure themselves qualified for theChampions League 2015/2016. After a match is found, Mangala answer questions, you can see it in the video below:

Asia with full enthusiasm fans base height cannot be denied so the purpose of the visit of the European club. They came to stage a game of friendship and ultimately enjoy the sweetness of coffers the money successfully collected.

The two Premier League clubs Tottenham Hostpur, namely the United Kingdom and Liverpool, is scheduled to visit Malaysia each on May 24 and July 24. Spurs and The Reds planned to stage a game of friendship with Malaysia XI who inhabited the penggawa.

Mangala Optimistic City Success Next Season

However, that plan got a rejection from some supporters in Neighbouring Country.History of the Malay Ultras, calling the exhibition matches two clubs EPL was nothing more than a kind of circus.

"Our Rejection is not then mean we hate the arrival of Liverpool or Spurs, Arsenal, or even Manchester, Barcelonaor anyone who comes. Only, we assess the concept is not appropriate, "said senior member, Awaludin Alfadli history Ultras Malaya as quoted in Reuters.

"Their time of arrival is not right because we should focus more on the important matches like a World Cup qualifier. Why we should focus on something that doesn't give you an advantage at all? "he added.

Alfadli add how if any players injured when Malaysia XI match exhibition was held two weeks before the 2015 SEA Games Singapore venue as well as the 2018 World Cup qualification.

"It's good that the two clubs met each other in Malaysia rather than interfere with the local football. What's the point of a circus hosted by the Club from the League level much higher? "said Alfadli.

Malaysia XI reveals that Alfadli should play by adjusting the schedule of the guest team is not necessarily the case. "It was a silly thing. Don't just because it comes from the EPL then we bow and obey their willingness, "he said.

In the middle of last week the campaign of denial with the hashtag #SayNoToCircusGame had flourished in the time line Twitter. (Teak Aning)

Mangala Optimistic City Success Next Season

Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard admitted it would be hard to say goodbye to the fans. He also reveals the last game The Reds at Anfield will be the game that is full ofemotional.

"Of course, the fans always supported me. They helped me become the player it is today. I thank them for their support, "said Gerrard was quoted as saying of the Goal.

"I will focus in the next few weeks. This will be an emotional feelings for me and the family, "he added.

Gerrard failed to execute a penalty in a match against Queens Park Rangers, weekend yesterday finally appears as the hero of The Reds thanks to the penentunya goalsin 87 minutes. Liverpool win 2-1 and while keeping desperate to penetrate the big four.

This is the second last match at Anfield before players aged 34 yahun it prepare proceed to strengthen MLS LA Galaxy.

"I will try to score a goal because this is the only appearance I left at Anfied. But the important thing, the team was able to pluck three points and all fans will be pleased, "said Gerrard.

Mangala Optimistic City Success Next Season

Gerrard will end the 17 years of his time with Liverpool at the end of this season. Started his career in 1998, the figure of Gerrard so synonymous with The Reds. The former captain of the national team that United Kingdom has performed as much as 706 matches and scored 183 goals with Liverpool.

Steven Gerrard decided to leave Liverpool at the end of this season. Even though itwould be left Gerrard, but Jordan Henderson to call he and teammate can definitelyforget the legend of The Reds.

After 17 years of uniformed Liverpool, Gerrard chose to go and continue his career with Like instagram banyak in the next season. Defending The Red squad since the 1998/99 season, the former captain of the national team that United Kingdom has performed more than 500 matches.
In addition, he also brought Liverpool find their 10 titles, some of which are two FA Cup, one Champions League trophy, and one UEFA Cup champion title. Unfortunately, Stevie-G has never been offered the title of Premier League champion United Kingdom made Liverpool.

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