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Chelsea Champion, Pellegrini Criticized Mourinho

Arsenal played the match that is easy on the Tuesday (5/5/2015) early morning in Kingston Communications Stadium. The opponent is facing will Hull City who now occupy two strip above the relegation zone.

Arsene Wenger, who was the interpreter racik strategy Arsenal, surely understands very well how defeated Hull City. Because the origin of the city of London Club, it at least scored two goals in their last nine matches against The Tigers.

Not only that, the depth of the squad in Wenger became one of the important factors that make The Gunners was seeded in a match at the weekend to-35 the Premier League that United Kingdom. Moreover, the core players Arsenal almost everythingin the circumstances fit.

The Gunners have not undefeated in its last 10 games in all the event. While the Hull at 10 its fight was only able to achieve four victories, four defeats and two series ofresults.

Chelsea Champion, Pellegrini Criticized Mourinho

Looking at the situation that France coach seems to retain its flagship lineup namely4-2-3-1. Olivier Giroud return is plotted as a striker, and he would supported AlexisSanchez, Mesut Oezil, and Aaron Ramsey.

While Santi Cazorla and Francis Coquelin would be installed to help the midfield when attacked and dropped to the back when the opponent attacks.

Although Arsenal superior in all things, keep in mind that ball round so anything could still happen. So The Gunners penggawa should not be jemawa before the referee blew the sign of the end of the match.

To simply remind, foster care Steve Bruce was at the weekend to-34 Premier LeagueUnited Kingdom then, Liverpool beat up success with score 1-0. In addition at the first meeting in October, prompting The Tigers hold a draw Arsenal 2-2.

Formation of 3-5-2 looks suited Steve Bruce in the clashes. On the front-line duo Omatsone Aluko and Dame N'Doye became the scourge of the creepy to the opposing defence.

Then five players i.e. Ahmed El Mohamady, Jake Lovemore, Tom Huddlestone, Stephen Quin, and Robbie Brady ready to provide relief from the second line.

So the London headquarters of detonation Gun mampukah Tiger? worth the wait.

Manchester City coach, Manuel Pellegrini, foster talk about Chelsea's success find their title United Kingdom League season 2014/2015.

Chelsea Champion, Pellegrini Criticized Mourinho

Pellegrini assess achievements earned The Blues this season is not impressive. The Manager of the origin of Chile were comparing it to the City who came out as champions thanks to the attractive style of play. This Deus Caritas Est after City managed to bend 1-0 Tottenham Hotspurs, Sunday (3/5/2015).

Former Real Madrid coach was indirectly criticized the bus parking strategy often used by Jose Mourinho in every big game. And in some of the matches, The Blues were able to achieve victory through the strategy.

"This is important for fans to play attractive football. We do the same thing this season, even scoring 158 goals in our last season, "said Pellegrini was quoted as saying the BBC.

Although Chelsea won thanks to the defensive tactics that, Pellegrini claimed to notbe tempted to apply it. 61-year-old it Manager will keep playing attacking at every game.

"We will print a lot of goals. We won with style. That's what makes the game more meaningful, "sindir Pellegrini.

Chelsea appeared as Premier League champion United Kingdom the season 2014/2015. Here's the complete results of the Premier League standings and United Kingdom at weekends to-35.

Chelsea Champion, Pellegrini Criticized Mourinho

Week 35-United Kingdom League to be a very special weekend for Chelsea. Because, the Londoners secured The appear as champion after bending Crystal Palace with a slim 1-0 Sunday (3/5/2015).

Single goal victory Chelsea in the match scored by Eden Hazard at the Beli followers instagram end of the first half. This marks the fourth title of Chelsea in the Premier League.

The second most successful team being Londoners under Manchester United the most widely assumed the title after transformed format in 1992 it.

In other matches, Manchester City success reaching a 1-0 victory against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane Stadium. Offside Manchester Blue comes through the actions of Sergio Aguero in the 29th minute.

Up to three numbers that make the City now Pack the 70 points. However, Manuel Pellegrini already hosts troops cannot possibly pursue difference 13 digits from Chelsea in the remaining three games again. For the Spurs, it marked the eighth defeatfrom nine last matches against City.

A day earlier, Manchester United should give up 0-1 against West Bromwich Albionat Old Trafford Stadium.

It marked the third defeat MU consecutively. It gets worse again, MU failed to score a goal in three defeats. This is the worst perstasi MU since April 1989.

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