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Manager West Bromine Sure Van Gaal Reacted Will Bring MU The Champion Next Season

The desire of the Čech makes a great European clubs, such as Paris Saint-Germain, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, competing in order to get his signature. In the end, a successful London Gun squads hook keeper 33 years.

After being declared qualified for medical tests, Petr Cech signed a contract with four seasons along with Arsenal. Though not mentioned exactly how the value of the transfer, but the BBC Alerts you if The Gunners had to menggelontorkan funds of up to 10 million pounds for the sake of being able to redeem Cech from Chelsea.

"I am very excited to be joining the Arsenal and I can hardly wait to live action pramusim. I still have the same commitment to football, the same motivation and hungerwill be the same success as I had at the beginning of his career, "said Cech.

"I like the challenge that brought quality players faced while playing in the Premier League. When Arsene Wenger spoke to me about his ambition, and how he sees me as a part of this team, the decision was obvious, "he said on the official website of Arsenal.

Manager West Bromine Sure Van Gaal Reacted Will Bring MU The Champion Next Season

Cech is one of the best goalkeepers in the United Kingdom and Europe. He managed to record 228 clean sheets in the entire pageant competition alongside Chelsea, beating the United Kingdom national team legend goalkeeper nicks, Peter Bonetti who simply carve out 208 clean sheets.

In addition, for the past 11 seasons defended Petr Cech, Chelsea successfully grabbed the 15th title, some of which are four Premier League trophy United Kingdom, four FA Cup, one Champions League title, and a Europa League title.

West Bromwich Albion Manager, Tony Pulis rate Manchester United manager, Louisvan Gaal reacted as the right figure to deal with the Red Devils. Pulis judging Van Gaal reacted would bring to THEE the champion Premier League next season.

MU would entertain West Bromine on follow-up weekend to-35 Premier League atOld Trafford Stadium, Saturday (2/5/2015). However, instead of giving lobbed war nerves, Pulis thus praised Van Gaal reacted as high as the sky.

"Louis has been spending a lot of money and bring in some new players and I think he has had enough time to look at the situation here. The difference himself with (Jose) Mourinho is Jose knows this League, tap for Van Gaal reacted this is the first season. Next year he will certainly be a heavy contender to win the League, "said Pulis.

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Manager West Bromine Sure Van Gaal Reacted Will Bring MU The Champion Next Season

Under Van Gaal reacted, MU is now perched on the fourth stage standings while the Premier League with 65 points. The opportunity to compete in the Champions League next season for any Red Devil is wide open.

"This year so it was a great experience for him. I am sure he will add some of the other players in the skuatnya next season. They want to win the title and I know they continue to grow strong. I actually never see them weakened, "pungkas Pulis.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, finally responded to the boos that Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho was taken. Wenger calling Mourinho as the man who can't respect others.

As it known before, Mourinho gave a reaction quite post-season Arsenal fans shouted shouted shouts "Chelsea boring, boring Chelsea". The incident occurred when The Blues play 0-draw cons The Gunners at the Emirates Stadium last weekend.

According to The Special One shouted shouted should be shown to the team London Cannon due to the already 10 years none in the Premier League title United Kingdom.

"The biggest thing from a Manager is respectful of each other and some people should fix it," said Wenger was quoted as saying from The Mirror.

"You might get problems with other managers. There may be regret when you directly arguing with other people but when the match is over it should all be recovered and the most important thing is respecting each other, "said Wenger.

Manchester United legend, Gary Neville, chanting praise to the Red Devils midfielder, Michael Carrick. According to him, Carrick is a combination of three of the world'sgreat midfielder Andrea Pirlo, Sergio Busquets, and Paul Scholes.

MU just suffered a defeat twice in quick succession in the United Kingdom from Premier League Chelsea (0-1) and Everton (0-3). Interestingly, the Red Devils earned defeat when Carrick was not down to compete. United Kingdom-born Player was indeed forced to absent four matches since suffering the injury the bones dry.

"I can say he has the quality of Scholes or Andrea Pirlo and also Sergio Busquets. Busquets played more survive and Pirlo is a regulator of the rhythm, just like Scholes.Carrick is a mix of players, "said Neville was quoted as saying The Mirror.

It was not until there, former national team Defender United Kingdom is also an allusion to Carrick as a piano player because he has a when in the field.

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