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Hazard: Chelsea Deserved The Champion

Chelsea finally ensured the Premier League title this season, United Kingdom after defeating Crystal Palace with a score of 1-0, at Stamford Bridge, Sunday (3/5/2015). The only goal The Blues scored Eden Hazard on 45 minutes.

Responding to this, Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho feels very happy. In fact, the original man Portugal call United Kingdom Premier League title this season as the most important title in the course of his career.

"All of the title is a consequence of the hard work. This is the latest title, so this is the most important, and certainly I'd like to get the title again, "said Mourinho told Sky Sport, Sunday (3/5/2015).

With the Premier League title, Mourinho asked the United Kingdom to children asuhnya from jemawa. Because, there are many more who want to champion title direngkuh Chelsea.

Hazard: Chelsea Deserved The Champion

"I am calm and I definitely enjoyed it. I think it's very fantastic for Chelsea in the future, "stated the former Real Madrid coach.

As is known, this was the eighth League trophies in Jose Mourinho's coaching career in four countries, namely in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Whereas together with Chelsea, this is my first Premier League champion United Kingdomthird.

Manchester City get fierce resistance when meladeni resistance Tottenham Hotspurat the weekend to a 35-game Premier League United Kingdom. Even so, The Citizens are capable of winning 1-0 in the first half thanks to Sergio Aguero scoring in the 29th minute.

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On a trip to White Hart Lane, on Sunday (3/5/2015) night EST, Man City not reinforced Yaya Toure, Vincent Kompany, and Stevan Jovetic. As a result, the City hassles offset game Spurs especially in midfield.

In a two-minute pause, two Tottenham attack success was built. The first opportunity came in the 2nd minute when the ball of the foot to meet Eric Dier City defences.But man United Kingdom was not Spurn.

Shortly thereafter, the striker who is currently rising i.e. Harry Kane ran trick eyes Defender-Defender Manuel Pellegrini's forces. Once he gets the ball and then unleashing a shot. Unfortunately, the attempt is still the mark of Kane's thin on the right sideof the net.

Despite playing at home to Manchester City, but his opponents succeeded in winning first at minute 29. The action of David Silva on the left side of Defense Spurs make penggawa host tries to stop his pace.

Hazard: Chelsea Deserved The Champion

But Aguero managed to escape from the supervision of Fazio. Argentina national team striker is moving towards the empty space that becomes the final destination orSilva. Easily round out the skin's last gasp goal The Lilywhites with Spurn the hard right foot.

The three-minute lobbed down, Spurs tried to retaliate. Departing from bait Nabil Bentaleb, Ryan Mason managed to escaped the offside trap and be in position one on one with Joe Hart. Man United Kingdom it failed to make the numbers be 1-1 because the thigh Joe Hart still able to deflect his shot.

Until the first half ended, the score of 1-0 Man City: excellence to stay afloat.

Chelsea successfully reaching Premier League title this season after the United Kingdom reaped the victory over Crystal Palace. The success that greeted happy midfielder Eden Hazard, The Blues.

Meladeni resistance Palace at Stamford Bridge in a match of the weekend to-35 United Kingdom League, on Sunday (3/5/2015) night EST, Chelsea appeared confident.Based on statistics which recorded Whoscored, The Blues had 62 percent of the ballpossession in relation to 38 per cent belonged to The Eagles.

Even so, The Blue squad hassles to break the Crystal Palace goalkeeper Julian Speroni was escorted. A variety of opportunities that come by Didier Drogba, Juan Cuadrado, and Nemanja Matic no fruition.

The goal of the awaited finally created in 45 minutes. The execution of the penalty of Eden Hazard, the ball can be dammed Speroni.

Hazard: Chelsea Deserved The Champion

Lucky leather round the back leading to a Hazard which is directly placed into the goal. Until the match is over, the score of 1-0 to Chelsea.

This victory was delivering The Blues win the Premier League season United Kingdom 2014/15. Jose Mourinho's squad was firmly entrenched at the top of the standings with 83 points. Their superior 16 points over Manchester City and Arsenal are no longer possible able to pursue.

"We are worthy of being champion, and everyone at Chelsea today is very happy. The Manager (Jose Mourinho) gives me confidence, so that I can show the best ability in the field where it is the most important thing, "said Hazard.

"I know the team needs me and players like me. I am here to score a goal this season, and all the players appear good, "imbuh Belgium national team midfielder it as reported by the BBC.

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