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Chelsea Defender Rejected Barcelona and Madrid

Arsenal continued to keep desperate to end the season by being in second position.Army Cannon London menggebuk Hull City with a score of 3-1.

Alexis Sanchez appeared as the star of the victory over Arsenal in the game armed with a pair of golnya donations. One goal, Arsenal more present through the actions of Aaron Ramsey. Hull City was only able to reply through Jack Stephen Quinn on56 minutes.

An additional three points it does not change the position of Arsenal in third placewith 71 points, the same as Manchester City earned in second place. However, Arsenal have one match more than the City. Hull City's relegation zone with approachedmakin was in 17th position with a collection of 34 points.

Arsenal live matches to-34 Premier League into the headquarters of the United Kingdom with Hull City, The Kingston Communications Stadium, Tuesday (5/5/2015) early morning GMT.

The formation of 4-2-2 became the team's second choice. Arsenal relied on duet Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez at the line of attack. Meanwhile, Hull City resting onDame N'Doye and Done Aluko to bust nets The Gunners.

Chelsea Defender Rejected Barcelona and Madrid

Arsenal controlled the full course of the match. This is apparent from the statistics ball Cannon London to reach 68 percent and 22 shots toward the goal. The speed ofSanchez becoming the key attack Arsenal.

The Gunners took 28 minutes to break the deadlock. Free shot Sanchez hit the fence life Hull City da changed direction. Hull City goalkeeper, Steve Harper, has been moving in the wrong direction. Arsenal a 1-0 lead.

Cesar Azpilicueta impressive performance alongside Chelsea Barcelona and Real Madrid are interested in wearing her services. However, Azpilicueta was not interested to join one of these clubs because it is still at home in Chelsea.

Origin of the Spain Defender started The uniformed in 2012. Since that time, Azpilicueta became an important figure in the left side of Defense. In fact, she successfullydisplacing senior Defender, Ashley Cole.

In addition, Azpilicueta also contribute to bring Chelsea find their three titles, including the Premier League trophy United Kingdom the season 2014/2015.

See the appearance of former Marseille player is shining along The Blue Squad, Barcelona and Real Madrid has meminangnya. Reportedly, even the management of Barca and Madrid are ready to bid on the stock transfer to Chelsea early next season.

Alas, neither would desire realized. The reason, Azpilicueta yet intend to lift away from Stamford Bridge.

"I can't think of anything besides survive on Chelsea," said Azpilicueta as reported by Tribalfootball.

"I don't think about (back) to Spain. I was on the best team in the United Kingdom, I do not think of playing anywhere, "he explained.

Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge rumored successful hip surgery in New York, United States.

United Kingdom national team Penggawa flew to the US in the last week to see a specialist after suffering an injury that is quite disturbing in appearance.

25 year old player that got injured when The Reds champions Manchester United 1-22 12pada last March. As a result, Sturridge had to miss the last five games with Liverpool.

"The world just want to know if my hip operation was successfully done. I thank the Lord everything is going well, "wrote Sturridge in the account instagramnya.

Chelsea Defender Rejected Barcelona and Madrid

After certain would not appear in the remainder of this season, Sturridge will start the recovery program in Los Angeles to return the fitness for the sake of competitionnext season.

Sturridge only played 18 matches in this season and scored five goals, very far if compared to donations 24 goals from 33 appearances last season.

Billionaire Aliko Dangote Nigeria says it still wants to buy Arsenal even though it failed in an attempt in 2010 to acquire the shares of the Club.

The Gunners fans enthusiastic is not giving up on his dream to be PANEL LIKE INSTAGRAM involved with theNorth London Club. He told Bloomberg, "I still hope that one day, with the right price, that I would buy Arsenal."

"I might buy it the price, not on the silly but the price will not be rejected by the owners. I know my strategy, "he said.

But who Dangote? Here are five key facts Dangote quoted from Metro:

1. He is the richest man in Africa

Dangote is the most rich people on the African continent. Recent estimates put thekekayaanya range from $15 billion. The figure makes it the richest people in the world according to Forbes 67.

His wealth also almost eight times more than the first time he tried to buy The Gunners. And he has become the wealthiest before the devaluation of the currency of Nigeria.

2. He started his business at the age of 21 years

After graduation, Dangote returned to Nigeria to start his own business. He received a loan from his uncle and launched the Dangote Group.

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